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  • CAMPUS CLOSED on Monday, May 10th


    In honor of Spring 2021 Commencement efforts, campus will be closed. Thank you to faculty, staff & the campus community for your support.

Classified Staff Council

2020-2021 Classified Staff Council Members

President - Trisha Pocius, Admin Assistant III - College of Humanities and Social Science
Vice President - Joleen Ryan, Admin Assistant III - College of Science and Math
Secretary - Jennifer Lawson, Library Technician III - Library Services
Treasurer - Julie Stevens, Admin Assistant III - Library Services

Sandra Bandimere, Library Coordinator I - Biology

Lynnette Leachman, Admin Assistant III – College of Health, Education, and Nursing

Jennifer De La Torre Admin Assistant II – Registrar's Office

Yvette Martinez, Admin Assistant III - Student Affairs

Frank Johnson, Materials Handler I - Mail Services

Makenna Linn, Admin Assistant III, School of Health Sciences and Human Movement

Cheryl Mincic, Admin Assistant II - Health Science

Veronica Santisteven, Library Technician II, Library Services

Courtney Gust, Admin Assistant II, Admissions

Council Mission:

Be informed, productive, and able to present issues with solutions to improve classified employee relations with the University.
residence halls during sunset

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