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The Election Commission is responsible for holding elections (Primary, General, Special, etc.) authorized by the Associated Students' Government Senate. All members of the Election Commission (including the chair) are members of the Association and do not currently hold positions in the Student Court or ASG. The Election Commission is comprised of 1 (one) chair and 5 (five) members.

The Duties of the Election Commission Include:

  • Responsible for enforcing the Election Code.
  • Publishing the election name, dates, office/seat/position to be elected and the eligibility requirements, the date/time/place that the petitions are due, and the date/time/place of the Election Code Interpretation Meeting.
  • The Election Commission has the authority to delegate all advertisement responsibilities, including previous or upcoming articles pertaining to advertisement.
  • Commissioners help the Chair certify signatures on candidate petitions. Signatures must be verified as being members of the Association. Candidate Compliance Affidavit must bear the signature of the candidate and accompany their respective petition.
    Publish the election in the media reasonably available, beginning at least five (5) days prior to the Election and continuing up to the Election.
  • Display no less than one (1) poster per academic building advertising the election beginning at least five (5) days prior to the Election.
  • Determine the eligibility of all candidates according to the ASG Constitution and the ASG Policy Manual.
  • Post a list of all eligible candidates and the offices for which they are running.
  • All advertisements pertaining to the General Election shall be approved by the Chairperson and ASG Advisor or designee prior to posting.

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