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Associated Students' Government

ASG Branches

Executive Branch



    President: Wesley Taylor

    The President of the Associated Students’ Government is responsible for representing the best interests of the students of CSU-Pueblo at all levels here at the university, locally, statewide and federally. The ASG President is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System.   ​


    Vice President

    Vice President: Demetrius Marrow  

    The Vice President of the Associated Students’ Government (ASG) is responsible for representing the best interests of the students of CSU-Pueblo. The ASG Vice President also serves in the President’s Cabinet. 


    The cabinet is appointed by the President and paid via a monthly stipend. The cabinet is responsible for representing the President in different areas throughout campus.

    Director of Public Relations: VACANT

    Director of Student Affairs: Jaime Huerta 

    Director of Internal Affairs: VACANT


    Director of Finance & Administration: VACANT

    Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Antoria Mason

    Chief of Staff: Brandon Bayer

Legislative Branch



    Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate: Megan Moore
    Parliamentarian of the Senate: Obed Mena


    • Senator, At- Large: Obed Mena
    • Senator, At- Large: Isaiah Gauthier
    • Senator, At- Large: Gabrielle Gutierrez
    • Senator, At- Large: Colin Kerr
    • Senator, CEEPS: Caden Parker
    • Senator, CEEPS: VACANT
    • Senator, CHASS: Megan Moore
    • Senator, CHASS: Randy Romero
    • Senator, HSB: Max Gonzales
    • Senator, HSB: Brittney Crank
    • Senator, CSM: Cameron Collins
    • Senator, CSM: VACANT

    To contact the Associated Students' Government Senators please email

Judicial Branch



    The Judicial Branch of the Associated Students' Government is responsible for hearing all Student Conduct Appeals as well as concerns with the Associated Students' Government.

    Any questions regarding legality of issues associated with the Associated Students' Government should be directed toward the Chief Justice.

    All Justices must be appointed by the sitting President and approved with 2/3 majority by the Student Senate.

    To contact the judicial branch, email

    Chief Justice:
    Kacie Adair

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Associated Students' Government

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