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Art, Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Art exposes students to a breadth and depth of study while developing professionals that can function effectively across various creative industries.

 The Art History concentration lays the foundations for careers in teaching, research, and curating at schools, galleries, museums, auction houses, libraries, archives, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses.

The Art & Creative Media concentration integrates arts research with broad-based studio art training into a substantial liberal arts education. It is appropriate for students who seek a general liberal arts degree that is enriched by studio education in the visual arts.

The Art Education K-12 concentration, in partnership with the School of Education, is designed for students who seek to become educators for the K-12 system.

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Areas of Exploration

"The underlying goal is to guide students toward initiating an ongoing body of work that is profoundly personal and broadly understood. This process leads the student toward personal discoveries and that curiosity and creativity is part of our lives and that each work represents another step toward becoming an artist."

- Aaron Alexander, Director/Department Chair

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the Difference between a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Art (BA)?

    The degree pathway you choose is largely determined by how you see your career pathway unfolding. 

    If you imagine a career that involves making things then the BFA would be a great place to start. The BA, on the other hand, is appropriate for students who seek a general liberal arts degree that is enriched by studio education in the visual arts. The BA programs integrate arts research with broad-based studio art training into a substantial liberal arts education. 

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    What makes studying Creative Arts at CSU Pueblo special?

    As a part of the Department of Art & Creative Media you will explore new ways to communicate where scholars, artists, and designers come together to navigate change and challenge conventions. We understands that a collaborative community is the key to unlocking many pathways toward careers in the creative industries.

    Our rigorous integrated approach to learning dissolves boundaries between disciplines and empowers students to shape their own creative voice. We are committed to developing a community of creative professionals who will have an impact on the world.

    Working together as agents of change; professors, students, colleagues and peers form a foundation of support that nurtures expressive minds in an environment where art might happen.


    What does a career in the Creative Arts look like?

    Creative professionals serve as agents of change, offering bold and fresh perspectives as part of their expertise. Like any other fine skill, creative thinking is learned and must be practiced in order to remain sharp. The School of Creativity + Practice and the representative Departments are uniquely positioned to lead our College, University and community by equipping those who engage in our programs with practical, conceptual and analytical tools to better understand and respond to challenges in the most thoughtful and innovative ways.

    Conventional wisdom tells us that life itself is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. These evolutions shape us in many ways and our response is often dependent on how well we perceive ourselves to be prepared for them. As we enter into the third decade of the twenty-first century, a time of profound cultural, social and political change, it is clear that creativity is becoming a valuable asset in social and professional environments.


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