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Teacher Pipeline Project

What Is The Teacher Pipeline Project?

The Teacher Pipeline Project (TPP) is collaboration between The Colorado State University Pueblo Teacher Education Program and Pueblo City Schools 60.  Student Teacher candidates who are accepted into the program will experience a unique and intensive student teaching experience that prepares them to enter the teaching force as highly effective educators. All participants in the project will demonstrate a growth mindset and a belief that every student can be successful.

What Are The Program Components And Expectations?

One of the keys to a successful student teaching experience is to establish a strong connection between teacher candidates and their host school.   Once accepted into the program, teacher candidates will immerse themselves into the school culture, building a solid relationship with school staff and students.  To create this foundation student teachers (c0-teachers) will:

  • Participate in their host school’s teacher orientation and back to school events (August, 2016) including special sessions geared at co-teachers.
  • Engage with their cooperating (lead teacher) teacher during a series of evening seminars (Fall 2016)
  • Complete Field Observation hours (as relevant) at their host school (Fall 2016)
  • Attend lesson planning and preparation workshops with lead teachers at their host school (November/ December 2016)
  • Provide ongoing feedback and evaluation of the project throughout the experience.

Project Benefits

The project benefits a variety of stakeholders in a number of ways:

Benefits to Co-Teachers:

  • Strong foundational support in advance of student teaching experience.
  • Greater and more frequent support with teaching and learning practices from a lead teacher trained in feedback and support processes.
  • Enhanced skill in classroom management and instructional rigor.
  • Inside track to career opportunities within Pueblo City Schools.
  • Special recognition from Colorado State University- Pueblo Teacher Education Program.

Benefits to Lead Teachers and Schools:

  • Well-prepared and highly effective co-teachers that positively impact our students.
  • Professional development and support through Pueblo City Schools.
  • Education credit through Colorado State University Pueblo.

How do i Participate?

Interested candidates will complete an application through the Teacher Education Program at CSU Pueblo.    Potential candidates will also complete a brief interview with the selection team.  Once selected, teacher candidates will sign a commitment form outlining the project requirements. For more information, please contact the CSU Pueblo Teacher Education Program at 719.549.2681.

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