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Goals and Standards

Goal 1: Community of Learners

Use democratic principles to create communities of learners that assure positive social interactions, collaboration, and cooperation.

Goal 2: Content Knowledge

Create learning experiences that make content knowledge accessible, exciting, and meaningful for all students.

Goal 3: Diverse Learners

Create a learning community in which individual differences are respected, appreciated, and celebrated.

Goal 4: Assessment

Ensure, through the use of standards and informal and formal assessment activities, the continu​ous development of all learners.

Goal 5: Pedagogy

Construct and use pedagogy to maximize the intellectual, social, physical, and moral development of all students.

Goal 6: Theory to Practice

Be reflective decision-makers, incorporating understandings of educational history, philosophy, and inquiry, as ​well as the values of the democratic ideal.

Goal 7: Collaboration

Create communities of learning by working collaboratively with colleagues, families, and other members. 

Goal 8: Professionalism and Ethics

Model the professional and ethical responsibilities of the education profession.

Vision 2028

Fall Convocation

Join us to learn, discuss, and participate in #VISION2028 activities throughout the week.

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