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Sang Hyuck Park

ICR Senior Scientist / Research Liaison

Sang Hyuck Park
Contact Info
Office Hours:
11:00am - 1:30pm


With extensive research experience in plant biology and genetics, Dr. Sang-Hyuck Park provides leadership with multi-tier ICR cannabis research projects. This research primarily involves cannabis genetics and chemistry and more recently, he has been focused on uncovering genetic regulations underlying agronomically important traits including cannabinoid/terpene biosynthesis. In addition, Dr. Park serves as a liaison with other entities to facilitate expanding existing knowledge on cannabis and translating this knowledge into applications that benefit society. In 2020, Dr. Park founded the ICR Hemp Farmers Association (IHFA) and served as co-chair of the 4th ICR conference program committee.



  1. Kyung-Hwa Jeon, Sang-Hyuck Park, Woong Jin Bae, Sae Woong Kim, Hyo Jung Park, Soomin Kim, Il Bum Park, Hyun-Je Park and Youngjoo Kwon (2022), “Cannabidiol, a Regulator of Intracellular Calcium and Calpain”, Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (In press)


  1. Kenneth J Olejar and SangHyuck Park* (2022), “Industry based misconceptions regarding cross-pollination of Cannabis spp”, Frontiers in Plant Science (in press) *First co-author and corresponding author


  1. Kenneth J Olejar, Min Hong, Sun-Yeop Lee, Tae-Hyung Kwon, Soo-Ung Lee, Chad A Kinney, Joon-Hee Han, Sang-Hyuck Park* (2022), “Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Cannabidiolic acid from Cannabis Biomass”, Journal of Visualized Experiments (under review) * Corresponding author


  1. Sang-Hyuck Park*, Samuel Koch, Katherine Richardson, Christopher Pauli, Joon-Hee Han, Tae-Hyung Kwon (2022), “Tobacco Hornworm as an Insect Model System for Cannabinoid Pre-clinical Studies” Journal of Visualized Experiments * Corresponding author


  1. Sang-Hyuck Park*, Christopher S. Pauli , Eric L. Gostin, S. Kyle Staples, Dustin Seifried, Chad Kinney, and Brian D. Vanden Heuvel (2022) “Effects of Short-term Environmental Stresses on the Onset of Cannabinoid Production in Young Immature Flowers of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa )”, submitted to Journal of Cannabis Research * Corresponding author


  1. Trevor Regas, Joon-Hee Han, Christopher S. Pauli, and Sang-Hyuck Park* (2021) “Employing Aeroponic Systems for the Clonal Propagation of Cannabis”, Journal of Visualized Experiments *Corresponding author


  1. Eun-Soo Kim, Wonkyun Choi, and Sang-Hyuck Park (2021), “The Thickening and Modification of the Galactan-enriched Layer during Primary Phloem Fibre Development in Cannabis sativa”, AoB Plants


  1. Zackary Montoya, Matthieu Conroy, Brian D. Vanden Heuvel, Christopher S. Pauli, and Sang-Hyuck Park* (2020), “Cannabis Contaminants Limit Pharmacological Use of Cannabidiol”, Frontiers in Pharmacology * Corresponding author


  1. Christopher S. Pauli, Matthieu Conroy, Brian Vandenheuvel, and Sang-Hyuck Park* (2020), “Cannabidiol Drugs Clinical Trial Outcomes and Adverse Effects”, Frontiers in Pharmacology * Corresponding author


  1. Sang-Hyuck Park*, S. Kyle Staples, Eric L. Gostin, Jeffrey P. Smith, Jose J. Vigil, Dustin Seifried, Chad Kinney, Christopher S. Pauli, and Brian Vandenheuvel (2019) “Contrasting Roles of Cannabidiol as an Insecticide and Rescuing Agent for Ethanol–induced Death in the Tobacco Hornworm Manduca sexta”, Scientific Reports – Nature * Corresponding author
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