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Celeste Molina

Recruiter HEP/CAMP

Celeste Molina


Hello, my name is Celeste Molina. I graduated from CSU Pueblo in 2017 with a BA in Mass Communications and Spanish. I may be shy and quiet when you first meet me but after a while, you'll see my true personality. Also, I'm a Pueblo native, I was born and raised in Pueblo!

Why CSU Pueblo

As a first-generation college graduate, CSU Pueblo had all the resources and support that I needed. My parents were migrant workers and growing up I didn't know if I could afford going to college. Thanks to the staff and faculty who believed in me, I was able to graduate debt free and be the first of my family to get a bachelor's degree.

Favorite Restaurants

  • Noodles & Company
  • Momo's Japanese Restaurant
  • Angelo's Pizza

Fun Facts

  • I have two dogs (Border Collie mix and Corgi mix)
  • LOVE K-pop and Kdramas
  • I believe in aliens and big foot.

Not So Fun Facts

  • I hate moths.
  • I have a shopping addiction.
  • I was obsessed with Twilight. Team Edward.
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