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Foundation Office

A Note from the President & CEO

As a donor to the Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation, you are making one of the biggest impacts in a student's life. Your generosity allows our students - 80% of whom need and  receive some form of financial assistance - to improve not only their future, but the future of their family.

The best way to close the gap between poverty and the middle class is higher education. CSU-Pueblo has been ranked as the number one University in the state of Colorado for providing the best opportunity for achievement in terms of the cost of tuition compared to the salaries of our students once they graduate.

Thanks to individuals, like you, the CSU-Pueblo Foundation was able to award scholarships to over 700 CSU-Pueblo students totaling nearly $2.5 million in assistance. No matter how big or small the scholarship, our students are grateful.

In the near future, the CSU-Pueblo Foundation will launch another comprehensive campaign, working with the new CSU-Pueblo President, Dr. Timothy Mottet, and his staff to make higher education more accessible and affordable to students in Pueblo, southern Colorado, and the United States. As always, our students will be the focus of the next campaign and CSU-Pueblo will strive to deliver the highest level of instruction and transformational opportunities for the best price.

Thank you for believing in our students and trusting the CSU-Pueblo Foundation with your scholarship gifts.

Todd Kelly
CSU-Pueblo Foundation


Oct 23

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Would you like to have the skills to be an ally to LGBTQ students and staff? ...

Oct 23

7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Annual Drag Perfomance. Part of LGBTQ History Month from the Center for International Programs and Inclusive Excellence. ...

Oct 26

8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

ACT Testing...

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