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Teachers observe and document the children’s activities. The documentation is then used to assess where each child is developmentally in the areas of social-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. Assessments are used to determine the next steps in the lesson planning process for the group as well as individual children. We also incorporate the project approach so children may explore deeply into an area of interest. Parents are viewed as collaborators with the teachers and children in this learning process.

Colorado Shines

The Colorado Shines Points System

Level 3-5 Colorado Shines ratings are awarded based on a point system. Your program earns points by indicating quality in each rating category.
The point system is designed to be flexible and allow programs to show quality in many ways. That means that even among programs at the same quality rating level, there are differences in how programs look and function. 
No two programs look the same. Every program has different strengths and areas for improvement. The flexibility of the Colorado Shines rating allows your program to shine in its own way.

Colorado Shines rating is based on the program’s success in these areas:

  • Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development
    • Staff credentials and ongoing training opportunities
  • Family Partnerships
    • Cultural sensitivity, family and community engagement
  • Leadership, Management and Administration
    • Program evaluation, business administration, personnel and benefits
  • Learning Environment
    • Curriculum, ratio and group size, program and child assessments
  • Child Health
    • Health promotion, added staff and programming, Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS assessment)


For detailed information about the Level 3-5 ratings process and point structure, review the Colorado Shines Program Guide.

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