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Kenny Schneider - ex-votos paintings

March 15, 2019

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


Caroline Peters


Please join us from a reception celebrating the opening of Kenny Schneider's exhibit - "ex-votos paintings". Artist Kenny Schneider's last class at CSU-Pueblo was Latin American Art History. When the class got to the 20th century they discovered small, primitive paintings called 'ex-votos' meaning "from the vow made" or "in gratitude, devotion." From the mid-eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, they hung behind church altars alongside sanctified retablos, portraits of saints and even influenced Frida Khalo's painting style. Ex-voto narrates a saint in action, intervening in a near-disaster, accident, or illness that befalls ordinary human beings or animals. Each commemorates the miraculous intervention and expresses the gratitude of the survivors or loving families-husbands and wives, parents and children. Schneider found them so interesting, that his new series of paintings is based on the ex-voto theme but he uses his own autobiography as reference and they are depicted in the same spirit and genre.

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