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How "Clean" Are My Clothes?

November 08, 2018

02:30 PM - 04:30 PM

LARC 109

Dr. Jennifer Schlosser


How "Clean" Are My Clothes? The Status of Garment Factory Work in Bangladesh A Talk by Dr. Roslyn Fraser Schoen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M University-Central Texas In April 2013, an eight-story building in Savar, Bangladesh collapsed killing more than 1,100 workers and injuring around 2,500 others. At the moment of collapse, the mostly-women workforce was busy producing clothing for major American and European retail brands, including Benetton, The Children’s Place, Primark, and Walmart. At around $36 per month, their wages were low even by local standards. Check the tag on your shirt: You are likely wearing the products of their labor right now. Five years after the factory collapse at Savar, what has been done to improve factory safety in Bangladesh? What role do brands like The Gap and Walmart play in factory safety? Based on her interviews with women workers and factory observations in Bangladesh, Dr. Roslyn Schoen, will answer these and other questions.

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