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History of Mathematics Special Presentation

March 14, 2018

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

PM 112

Janet Barnett


Dr. Kathleen M. Clark, Professor of Mathematics Education at Florida State University, will present a History of Mathematics talk entitled "For the good-hearted reader: Jost Bürgi, the history of logarithms, and a work that should have been famous." Bürgi – an instrument maker, watchmaker, and model builder – was also a mathematician in his own right, who wished to address the difficulties of the lengthy arithmetical operations when computing with large numbers. This talk will share a bit about Bürgi’s life, and present the striking features of his contribution to the problem of computation with large numbers, including those of his tables of logarithms and the problems he created to teach others how to use the tables. Anyone with an interest in mathematics, history or logarithms invited; mathematics teachers, majors and minors are especially encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served; RSVPs to appreciated for planning purposes.

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