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Thunder Bucks are the most convenient and worry-free way to take care of your food needs while on campus. It is available to all students, faculty, and staff. Thunder Bucks can be used at any of the CSU-Pueblo dining locations. This includes Cafe Libro (Library), Culebra Bistro (Culebra Residence Hall), La Cantina (OUC Basement), the Pavilion (Outside of the Hassan School of Business), Coffee Cart (Life Science Building) and the Columbine Cafe (OUC First Floor).  A 10% discount is given at the cash register. As an added bonus, when using Thunder Bucks your purchase is not taxed. The discount does not apply to textbooks, software, calculators and certain sales items.

Some benefits of Thunder Bucks are savings, convenience, variety, security, and peace of mind. Purchase your Thunder Bucks at Auxiliary Services located in OUC room 102. There is a $10.00 minimum to purchase Thunder Bucks. Thunder Bucks is neither transferable or refundable.

*There has been some confusion over Thunder Bucks vs. Flex Points & Dining Dollars. The money that is attached to your meal plan is called FLEX POINTS & DINING DOLLARS. It is not Thunder Bucks. It can be used in Food Services areas ONLY. It can not be used in the bookstore, vending machines, or the laundry machines. The Meal Plans with Flex Points or Dining Dollars expires at the end of each semester. Thunder Bucks rollover into the next semester.

Auxiliary Services Office

Occhiato University Center


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