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The Italian program at CSU Pueblo offers a vibrant and dynamic introduction to the study of Italian language and culture. Through a wide variety of coursework in language, conversation, composition, literature and cultural history, students are exposed to a range of issues and methodological approaches. In addition to developing student proficiency in Italian language, the program aims to broaden student understanding of and appreciation for Italy's rich cultural heritage as well as its expansive historical legacy. Small class sizes ensure that students receive the individual attention they need to progress rapidly.

Why Study Italian?

The Italian program at CSU Pueblo is supported by a generous endowment, which ensures that all students that minor in Italian will be eligible for a scholarship to be applied toward university tuition or study abroad in Italy. By studying Italian, students gain the invaluable skill of communicating in a foreign language and the opportunity to enhance preparation in a variety of related disciplines, including international studies, business, economics, philosophy, history, design, art, literature and fashion, to name a few. The study of Italian helps to provide a solid foundation for a varied liberal arts education, enhancing the higher educational experience while better preparing students for careers in a global economy. CSU's Italian minor follows closely the ACTFL guidelines for language proficiency.

Program Objectives

Italian minor program is to have our students achieve an intermediate/advanced degree of
translingual and transcultural competency. Our program has five learning objectives based on the five C's: Communications, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. For our Communication objective students are expected to attain at least an Intermediate High proficiency level as per ACTFL standards.

Is Italian a Popular Language?

According to a recent survey by research conducted at the Università Italiana per Stranieri di Siena, Italian is one of the world's most studied languages. In fact, the number of students studying Italian is almost equal to the number who study Spanish. Both native and non-native speakers have made Italian one of the top 20 most spoken languages in the world. Not bad, considering there are more than 6,000 established languages worldwide.

What are the Benefits of Studying Italian at CSU Pueblo?

Learning Italian at CSU Pueblo means studying the dynamic relationship between language and culture. Italian history, literature, politics, cinema, art, design, music, cuisine, etc. are distinguished for their rich contribution to Western civilization. Today Italy has one of the most important economies in the world. Students often study Italian for cultural reasons, study abroad opportunities, but also, to enhance their potential employability. Won't you consider enrolling in an Italian class this semester and vedi dove ti porta (see where it takes you)!


Minor in Italian

The Italian minor includes a wide range of coursework in language, culture and civilization. In order to successfully complete the minor students must complete 21 credit hours of coursework. Students are encouraged to study abroad, for which credit is awarded. For information on participating in an Italian exchange program, please contact Chris Picicci in the Department of English and Foreign Languages or Heidi Laino in the International Programs-International Student Services Office in the Occhiato Student Center (OSC).


Annegati nella lingua italiana a CSU Pueblo!

Jhumpa Lahiri shares a metaphor for the language-learning journey from her book, In altre parole (In Other Words).

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Summer is Here.

Earn a $500 scholarship by enrolling in nine summer credits. Summer semester is a unique opportunity for our students and the perfect time to make progress in your degree.

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