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From the tiniest atoll in the South Pacific to major world capitals, from private conversations at sidewalk cafés in Paris or Montréal to policy discussions at the United Nations and World Bank, French remains one of the dominant international languages. It is spoken by millions on every continent, including close to home in Canada’s Québec, the Caribbean and the French Quarter in New Orleans. Studying and learning another language is personally and intellectually enriching. You broaden your perspective to include other cultures. Travel experiences are transformed to where you communicate and interact effectively with locals and not depend on tour guides or interpreters. 

Locally and regionally, French is also one of the three official languages (along with English and Spanish) for all political and commercial activities linked to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Colorado, with its extensive business links to Latin American countries and the energy industry in Canada, plays an important role in NAFTA activities. Additionally, if you are searching for a career in education, our local and regional public schools all have French programs and actively search graduates who have a primary or additional teaching endorsement in French. Finally, as our region and state continue to attract more and more people from other countries, the need for foreign language skills in assisting the public will continue to increase. 


  • FRN 101
  • FRN 102
  • FRN 201
  • FRN 202

Above classes count towards the General Education Requirement as well as the Humanities and Cross-Cultural Requirement.

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