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Janet Barnett
  • Barnett, Janet
  • Mathematics
  • Specialties: Set theory; logic; gender and mathematics; multicultural and historical perspectives on mathematics; mathematics education.
Susan Calhoun-Stuber
  • *Calhoun-Stuber, Susan
  • Sociology/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Gender and society; popular culture; family; women and criminal justice; interpersonal violence; qualitative research; club sponsor.
Colette Carter
  • Carter, Colette
  • Political Science
  • Specialties: Minority politics; women in politics; public policy and social justice; public administration; research methods.
Dora Luz Cobian
  • *Cobian, Dora Luz
  • Foreign Languages/Women's Studies/Chicano Studies
  • Specialties: La Chicana; Third World Feminisms; ethnicity and dance; Latin American and ethnic literature.
Gillian Collie
Marina Cunin Borer
  • *Cunin Borer, Marina
  • Anthropology/Women's Studies/Sociology
  • Specialties: Women's studies emphasis on race/ethnicity, gender, culture and society, ethnographic/feminist research, gender and military culture.
Jane Fraser
  • *Fraser, Jane
  • Engineering
  • Specialties: Contributions of women in science, engineering, and mathematics; systems engineering.
Judy Gaughan
  • Gaughan, Judy
  • History/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Women of the Roman Empire, first ladies around the world.
Penny Green
  • *Green, Penny
  • Retired; Sociology/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Sociology of women/gender; social psychology; sexuality, health, ethnographic research; human companion/animal bonding.
Sarah Johnson
  • Johnson, Sarah
  • Adjunct; Sociology/Social Work/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Introduction to Women's Studies.
Carol Loats
  • *Loats, Carol
  • Retired; History/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: women's history, women and work, Europe and world, especially 1200-1800
Lee Anne Martinez
Patricia Bowie Orman
  • *Orman, Patricia Bowie
  • Retired; Mass Communications/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Women in media/advertising/popular culture; gender and film; women in leadership; multiculturalism and diversity; affirmative action.
Leticia Steffen
  • *Steffen, Leticia
  • Mass Communications/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Community journalism, gender/social issues in popular culture; parasocial relationships; gender and film; women in media.
Cynthia Taylor
Ted Taylor
  • *Taylor, Ted
  • English/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: General linguistics, phonology, Salish languages; gender and language.
Karen Yescavage
  • Yescavage, Karen
  • Psychology/Women's Studies
  • Specialties: Women's sexuality; racism and sexism; social psychology; queer studies.

*A member of the Women's Studies Coordinating Committee
**Some faculty and staff who may be available for mentoring and advising have not been included in this listing. Please direct questions to the Women's Studies office at

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