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Expected Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes to Create Successful Careers

  1. Students will know the taxonomy, ecology and natural history of flora and fauna in Southern Colorado and the desert south-west.

  2. Students will know the principles and concepts of fish and wildlife science and how they are used to make informed decisions on difficult management decisions.

  3. Students will use contemporary tools and techniques for studying fish and wildlife, habitat, and ecosystem processes.

  4. Students will be familiar with laws, policies, regulations and administrative processes that dictate how wildlife and natural resources are held in trust for the public.

  5. Students will develop communication and interpersonal skills to enhance their working relations with co-workers, other wildlife professionals, the public and non-governmental organizations, landowners, hunters and anglers, and other natural resources interests.

  6. Students will develop skills in reading and interpreting the scientific literature and in presenting a synthesis of it accurately in oral and written form.

Major Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

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