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Redesign Project

Step 1: Define project type

The rule of thumb for successful web development is for content to drive the design. Therefore, it is important to establish the type of content (or project) we are working with:

  • Academic Redesign: For colleges/schools, academic departments, and/or academic programs
  • General Redesign: For university units that provide services to faculty, staff, and/or students

Step 2: Learn our approach

While each redesign project is different, we do have templates that we utilize for similar content across the university website. These templates help determine when new layouts are necessary for content that is unique to your unit.

Presentation Slide

Academic Templates


General Templates

Step 3: Gather Content

Now that we know the type of content we are working with and the type of template we may be using, it's time to gather the content.

Academic Redesign

Please download the Redesign Questionnaire and, for each program, answer the questions provided. Once the questionnaire is completed, send your document to

General Redesign

Since each non-academic university unit is different, it is important to schedule a meeting to develop a strategy to best promote key CTAs, services, and resources offered.

Contact to schedule a strategy meeting. 



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