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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Pages Redesign Project


    What is this project about?

    The Academic Pages Redesign Project refers to updates to all academic pages across the CSU-Pueblo website during Spring/Summer 2020. This consists of updates to college, department, and program pages.

    Why is this project a priority?

    This project will double the number of pathways to the university application while providing content that introduces program information in a more conversational manner than the university catalog.

    The CSU-Pueblo website analytics show the following:

    • 159 pages (including important student pages like Advising for CAE, Health Services, etc) require an average of 10+ clicks for visitors to get there
      • Tells us improvement on navigation overall is needed
    • MBA, Construction Management, Social Work, and academic resources (ex. career center) listed as least viewed pages
      • Tells us that top program web pages could be improved
    • Redesigned academic program pages listed as top pathways to CSU-Pueblo application
      • Tells us new templates have been successful in leading students to application

    How do I participate in this project?


    What sessions are we required to attend?

    Web editors are required to attend two training sessions: 

    • Content Support
      • This session covers six principles for writing for web as well as how to writeeach content section of program pages. By the end of the session, web editors will have rewritten content from their existing web pages and/or university catalog to bring to the Content Workshop.
    • Content Workshops
      • Our team will go over each content section of the program templates and assist editors (via live examples) on how to add content to academic pages. Editors will have time to add content to their assigned pages while administrators answer questions, provide feedback, and assist editors on specific issues.

    What is covered in each training session?

    Full descriptions of the training sessions can be found under our Training Schedule.


    Are there specific deadlines?

    • February 7, 2020: Web editor registration for an academic program closes
    • March 27, 2020: All updated academic content must be finalized
    • March 30 - April 3, 2020: Web editor(s) must attend a Content Workshop to update web pages on our server 

    How can I request additional support?

    Web editors needing additional assistance can attend Support Labs or schedule one-on-one meeting(s) with Web Development at

Web Editing


    How can my website pages be updated?

    We encourage every department to have Web Editors to implement website updates in a faster turnaround time. Web Editors also allows units more independence and leadership in the development and implementation of our website strategy. 

    What resources are available to help me make web edits?

    We have a growing video tutorial series that goes over specific web editing tasks such as:

    • How to upload an image or a file
    • How to edit a profile
    • How to create a contact information widget
    • and more!

    Video Library

    We also have our web style, standards, and best practices guide which goes over image sizes, page and layout examples, etc.



    Why should university units have web editors?

    The Web Editor will not only implement the changes, but also drive communication with Web Development for any larger strategic projects that your team may want to pursue.

    Who should become a web editor?

    This role is perfect for individuals that understand the goals of their program and department, and can articulate these clearly to others. No prior web experience is necessary, but strongly encouraged. 

    How do I become a web editor?

    All individuals seeking to become Web Editors must take the Basic Editor training. Training sessions are scheduled on a regular basis and provide immediate access to our server. For Web Editors that already have basic access, we offer more in-depth trainings to not only help achieve web goals, but increase in your web skillset. 

    Why should I become a web editor?

    As a Web Editor, you will gain exposure and experience in:

    • Web Design
    • Copywriting
    • Web Strategy
    • Photo Editing
    • and more!

    Whether you are a full-time employee, faculty member, work study, or part-time staff, becoming a Web Editor provides you useful skills applicable to any digital environment. 

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