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Academic Pages Redesign

The Academic Pages Redesign Project refers to updates to all academic pages across the CSU-Pueblo website during Spring/Summer 2020. This consists of updates to college, department, and program pages.


  • Enhance and increase # of CTAs from program pages to program application
  • Update content to highlight program strengths
  • Provide consistency and hierarchy across academic pages
  • Group related content for easier navigation


Web Development will work closely with web editors to update content and upload it to brand new templates for academic pages. 

Each program will need at least one designated web editor per academic program. It is recommended that web editors are not assigned to more than three (3) academic programs per person.

Once a web editor has been assigned, these individuals will attend trainings and workshops to update their content with Web Development. By the end of the required workshops, the academic pages will have been updated.

Web Development will offer support labs and one-on-one meetings to support web editors throughout this process. A brand new image library will be created for each program so that editors have photos to choose from for their new academic unit pages.


Phase I. Project Preparation

  1. Approvals on template
  2. Cascade Set-Up
  3. Communication Plan with Admissions

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020 

Phase II. Training / Content Gathering

  1. Gathering Updated Content
  2. Image Library

Feb 2020 - Mar 2020

Phase III. Implementation

  1. Maintenance Support

Apr 2020 - 

Phase IV. Analytics Review

Sep 2020

Phase V. Improvements

Oct - Dec 2020

Full Project Plan

Frquently Asked Questions 

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