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Vision Task Force

Donna Souder Hodge, Ph.D.
Special Assistant to the President for Visioning

Amy Robertshaw
Adam Pocius
Presidential Fellows for Leadership and Vision


    Steering Committee

    • Dr. Fawn Amber Montoya, CHASS/Honors
    • Emily McElwain, Rec Center/EMSA
    • Dr. Kristyn White Davis, Extended Studies
    • Meg Brewer, Budget
    • Dr. Jonathan Poritz, CTL/CSM
    • Justin Streater, SFS
    • Dr. Brian Vanden Heuvel, CBase/CSM
    • Jackie Wallgren, Athletics

    Working Committee

    • Tracy Samora
    • EJ Armijo
    • Dr. Derek Lopez
    • Dr. Jennifer Schlosser
    • Haley Sue Robinson
    • Dr. Jane Fraser
    • Laurie Ann Kilpatrick
    • Gina Lopez Ferguson
    • Sendi Estrada
    • Dax Charles
    • Dr. Carol Langer
    • Abby Davidson
    • Dr. Mike Wakefield
    • Carolyn Daugherty
    • Gena Alfonso
    • Dr. David Volk
    • Sommer Street
    • Constance Little
    • Dana Rocha
    • John Wristen
    • Strider Swope
    • Victoria Obregon
    • Lisa Martin
    • Shelly Moreschini
    • Megan Gregorich-Mueller
    • Kim Hinkle
    • Dr. Karen Yescavage
    • Juliette Mogensen
    • Dr. Paul Chacon
    • Chris Milliken
    • Dr. Doug Eskew

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