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Finance and Administration

Juanita Pena - Chief Financial Officer and Controller

Mission vp-juanita-pena.jpg

The Division of Finance and Administration will work creatively and diligently to:

  • Provide expertise, service, and value
  • Manage University resources
  • Maximize financial sustainability 
  • Communicate and contribute as an equal partner with campus constituents


  • Assure that sound business practices are exercised.
  • Provide skilled management services to all campus constituencies.
  • Provide a safe and inviting environment that fosters and supports learning.
  • Contribute to a positive student experience.
  • Maximize return on investment of University resources.
  • Develop positive and trusting relationships with campus constituencies through communication and performance.
  • Provide opportunities for all individuals to reach their maximum potential in an environment that respects their unique abilities.

Registration is Open

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Registration is available for Fall B online – please see course details in Course Offerings. 

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