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Why It's For You

Colorado State University Pueblo is a culturally diverse university, offering world class education from renowned faculty.

The summer semester aims to make your educational experience as fun and beneficial as possible. There are many benefits to taking courses during the summer semester.

Degree Progress

Summer sessions allow individuals to be several steps closer to their graduation according to the amount of credits taken. Students can also make progress towards their degree at a discounted rate.


Special summer scholarships are available to undergraduate students with no special application required.


Smaller Class Sizes

While student-to-faculty ratio is always good, summer sessions provide even smaller class sizes, more direct access to faculty, and more online small-group learning environments.

Efficient Timeline

Unlike fall and spring semesters, courses in summer sessions can take place more than three times a week. Therefore, semester long courses can be completed in as short as four weeks.

Course Recovery

Students looking to increase their Grade Point Average (GPA) can take select classes to make up credit for courses in which they received a low grade.


Summer online courses allow students to have other responsibilities for the summer while still making progress in their degree.

Out-of-State Access

Online courses allow students that returned to their hometown or are living out-of-state for the summer to continue taking courses through the CSU Pueblo brand. This provides a familiar educational experience and removes the need to transfer any transcripts. 

Best Time to Transition

Course load during summer sessions is usually not as heavy as other semesters. This may be the best time for first-time students and transfer students to ease into the university before taking part in full-time schedules.

In addition to offering high-quality courses, our faculty and staff are here to provide you with everything you need to make the summer a bright and successful one!

Admissions Office

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