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    Summer Registration Now Open!

Summer Semester

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Why It's For You.

There are many advantages to being a part of one of CSU-Pueblo's Summer Sessions. Learn how you can benefit from our summer semester opportunities.
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Summer Sessions

Learn which of our six summer semester sessions is the best for you. Explore session lengths, important dates, and more.
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Get Started

Whether you are a current student, transferring, or starting college, learn how you can be a part of our rewarding summer college experience.

"Taking summer courses allowed me to destress and get ahead. It allowed me to complete more than one degree."

- Stacy Miller, Colorado Springs campus student

Beach of Todos Santos

Summer in Todos Santos, Mexico

Experience education in a new way – take advantage of the cultural experiences that Todos Santos has to offer within the week-long program led by CSU-Pueblo faculty. 
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Summer in Lincolnshire, England

Spend a month at Harlaxton in Lincolnshire, England and gain six (6) credit hours in two marketing courses via the Hasan School of Business.
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Course Offerings

Explore the various courses available for the summer semester.

Summer Housing

Find out more about our on-campus housing options for students looking to live within the CSU-Pueblo campus this summer.
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Community and Activities

Pueblo contains a dynamic mix of arts, culture, shopping, dining, sports, and entertainment. Find out how you can fill your summer with exciting actitivites and outings.
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