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Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct and Case Management at Colorado State University-Pueblo supports the University and Student Affairs’ missions by providing programs and services designed to foster a positive and safe environment for student learning.  The Office of Student Conduct and Case Management strives to achieve a campus community in which individuals:

  • Demonstrate respect for others, for themselves, and for the University;
  • Uphold high standards of personal and academic integrity;
  • Are accepting of differences and gain an appreciation for living in a pluralistic society;
  • Understand the impact of their behavior both upon the University and the larger community; and
  • Freely accept the responsibility for and consequences of their conduct.

Student behavior at CSU-Pueblo is governed by the Student Code of Conduct, which describes the University's expectations of its students and the procedures by which allegations of misconduct, inclusive of academic integrity, will be reviewed.

Students should also be aware of other policies that inform their behavior, such as the: 

Questions about policies and procedures may be directed to the Office of Student Conduct and Case Management, which may be reached at 719.549.2092 or by contacting the Director via email at  



The Director of Student Conduct and Case Management, or designee, is responsible for enforcing the standards of the Student Code of Conduct and administering sanctions for violations of the Code.

Decisions made by the Director of Student Conduct and Case Management, or designee, may be appealed to the Dean of Student Affairs.  The Dean of Student Affairs will review the timeliness of an appeal and then send the information to an Appeal Committee for review. 

The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be considered final. Students wishing to complete an appeal based upon the outcome of their conduct meeting must complete the following form: ​Appeal Form.

Students are welcome to contact the Director of Student Conduct and Case Management, or the Dean of Student Affairs with questions concerning the appeal process. 

Violations of Law on Campus

Members of the Colorado State University-Pueblo community are expected to observe the laws of the City of Pueblo, the State of Colorado, and the Federal Government, and to respect the rights and privileges of other members of the community.  CSU-Pueblo students, non-students, faculty and staff, upon entrance to the University, neither gain nor lose any of their rights or responsibilities of citizenship.

To protect its educational mission, the University takes a firm stand concerning violations of law on campus. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office located at Colorado State University-Pueblo is charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order at Colorado State University-Pueblo and for enforcing all laws, local ordinances and regulations of the University, except when such enforcement is, by such law, made the responsibility of another department, official or agency.

A full document detailing policing policies and statistics is available from the Sheriff’s Department at CSU-Pueblo upon request. Contact 719.549.2373.

Syllabus Statement for Faculty

Students at CSU-Pueblo are required to follow all local, state, and federal laws, as well as, University policy. For more information about what behavior is expected of you in the classroom, review the Student Code of Conduct at

Failure to follow expectations of the syllabus or other policies could result in your suspension or expulsion from CSU-Pueblo so it is important that you familiarize yourself with this information. For more information, contact

Need to submit a concern?
Incident Reporting Form

Nicole Ferguson

Director of Student Conduct and Case Management

Occhiato Center 201G
Phone: 719.549.2092

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