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Student Concern or Complaint Resolution Matrix

Our goal at Colorado State University-Pueblo is to provide the best experience for students. However, in the event that you have a concern or complaint to resolve with the University, below is the process to follow inclusive of information typically in concerns and complaints and where to go to express your concern or complaint.

This matrix is provided to assist students in understanding the procedures and process for addressing common issues. The Pack Guide and Student Affairs website are also useful resources.

Please note: procedures are sometimes different for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

  1. Find your concern on the table and contact the appropriate personnel or follow the process for resolution.
  2. If your complaint is still not resolved, consult the Student Complaint Policy, complete the Student Formal Complaint Form and return it to the Dean of Student Affairs.

An official complaint is when a student alleges the University has violated its own policy to the detriment of the Student filing the complaint.

Disagreement with an administrative decision, or the outcome of an appeal of that decision, is not a complaint. The complaint must be in writing on the Student complaint form and must not already be covered by another existing policy or process (see table).

Student Formal Complaint Form

Please use this form to submit a formal complaint regarding a faculty member, staff member, student or process that has not been satisfactorily resolved after consulting campus departments. NOTE: Retaliation against a student for making a complaint is absolutely prohibited, and will be considered a serious violation of professional responsibility.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I grant permission for this complaint to be forwarded to CSU-Pueblo officials for purposes of investigation and response.  

Office of Student Affairs


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