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EDGE Program

What is EDGE?

EDGE is the Sophomore Year Experience Program and stands for Education, Development, Growth, and Experience.  Programming and activities will be designed around each of the following domains: 

  • Education – create a plan to complete graduation, select a major, and learn from faculty outside the classroom.
  • Development – set career goals, have a professional mentor, and attain leadership skills.
  • Growth – engage in community service and participant in activities that spark critical thinking.
  • Experience – participant in campus activities, cultural programming, and activities with Outdoor Pursuits. 

EDGE will empower sophomores to succeed during their second year by providing tools for academic success, professional development, and a healthy lifestyle.  Students will also engage in activities that foster community, enhance university traditions, and develop leadership skills.

The reason for creating EDGE is to provide additional support to students during their sophomore year.  With added responsibilities many sophomores struggle with selecting a major, setting career goals, and connecting to campus life.  With EDGE, students will be supported throughout their sophomore year and gain the skills and knowledge to be at the cutting EDGE of their college career.


There’s no doubt that students will benefit from participating in the EDGE Program.  Below are 10 reasons to apply:

  1. Create a plan to complete graduation.
  2. Receive assistance with major declaration.
  3. Engage with faculty outside the classroom.
  4. Set career goals.
  5. Engage with a professional mentor.
  6. Attain leadership skills.
  7. Engage in community service.
  8. Participate in activities that spark critical thinking.
  9. Experience Colorado by participating in activities with Outdoor Pursuits.
  10. Attain cultural competency by participating in cultural programs and dialogues.

Students that complete the EDGE Program will receive a certificate of completion.

EDGE Interest-Based Living Community

Students interested in residing on campus may participate in the Interest-Based Living Community. Participants will live on a floor together in Greenhorn Residence Hall. Programs and activities will be specifically designed for participants in the Residence Hall. Events and activities include faculty lectures, career workshops, and other programs. 

Students will be required to sign a learning agreement and participate in certain events/programs. 

Applications are now available for the Interested-Based Living Community. 

EDGE Commuter Student Program

Designed for sophomore students that live at home and commute to campus, the Commuter student program offers activities and programs that meet the needs of commuter students. Commuter Program participants will have a community advisor that will design programs specifically for commuter students as well as facilitate communication about upcoming events and deadlines. 

Students will be required to sign a learning agreement and participate in certain events/programs. 

Applications are now available for the Commuter Student Program. 


All current CSU-Pueblo first year students are eligible to apply.  

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. a completed application,
  2. the quality of essay question responses, and
  3. a GPA above 2.0



    Q: How do I apply?

    A: Apply online today!


    Q: Who can participate?

    A: The EDGE Program is open to all CSU-Pueblo students that will start their second year beginning Fall 2017.  This includes students that participated in the Senior to Sophomore High School Honors Program and are beginning their second year at CSU-Pueblo as full time students.


    Q: What is the cost?

    A: There are no additional costs or fees to participate in the EDGE Program.  Programs and events are funded by departments and grants.  Exceptions to this may include optional weekend or spring break trips.


    Q: What are the expectations of students participating in the program?

    A: EDGE Program participants in both the Interest-Based Living Community and the Commuter Program are expected to sign a learning agreement and participant in certain programs/events.


    Q: What is a leaning agreement?

    A: A learning agreement is a written commitment by the student to abide by community standards, participant in EDGE program activities, and be an engaged member of the community.  Community standards include following the standards of conduct set forth by the University and abiding by the Student Code of Conduct (  

Contact Us

Bonnie Fruland

Coordinator of Student Affairs
Phone: 719.549.2332

Erika Lindstrom

Residence Life Coordinator
Phone: 719.549.2602

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Summer School Opportunities
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