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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I submit a Work Order?

    To put in requests for repairs in your room or on your floor can be submitted with our online work order form.

    The University's Maintenance Services will respond to requests beginning with the most urgent repairs.

    • Work orders are viewed Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.
    • If you have an emergency maintenance request you must contact the front desk or the RA on call. Examples include:
      • Running water, backed up sink, toilet not flushing and it is the only toilet for the unit, water is leaking from the ceiling or a pipe.
      • Safety has been compromised such as a broken window, door, or a lock.
      • Heating or cooling system is not functioning.
      • Lights and/ or outlets are not working.

    How do I apply for Housing?

    The University Housing Application is now available online.

    To apply for housing:

    1. Login to PAWS through the T-Wolf Student Portal.
    2. Once in PAWS, click on the Housing Link.
    3. Click on the HMSWeb Link.
    4. Follow the instructions to apply for housing

    If you would like an application mailed to you, please contact our main office at 719.549.2602 during regular business hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

    Incomplete applications will be returned to the sender. Please, make your check/money order payable to CSU-Pueblo and include your PID on the memo.

    Completed applications are processed when we receive them and University Housing makes no absolute guarantees to honor room preferences marked on the Housing Application.


    Am I required to live on campus?

    Please refer to the Housing Contract and Policies under the Resources tab.

    What is the deposit for housing?

    The Deposit of $200 and application fee of $50 is due with the Housing Application. The $50 Application fee is a non-refundable processing fee. The $200 is a damage/security deposit to reserve the room. This deposit is held in escrow for the duration of your occupancy. University Housing does not provide waivers for this fee. To pay this fee via credit over the phone please contact Residence Life and Housing at 719.549.2602 during regular business hours.

    Do you provide married student housing for couples or family housing for students who have dependent children?

    Unfortunately, the University does not provide any such housing at this time. Off-campus housing information for those students is available from Auxiliary Services located at CSU-Pueblo's student union on campus, the Occhiato University Center (OUC).

    What about the University Village at Walking Stick Apartments?

    Walking Stick Apartments are campus housing owned and operated by CSU Pueblo Housing. They are designed for our upper class and graduate student populations. (These students are also welcome to apply to live in the Greenhorn Residence Hall!) Leases for Walking Stick are per bedroom and not per the entire unit. No meal plan is required to live in the Walking Stick Apartments. There are free laundry facilities located in the Walking Stick Club House. Walking Stick does follow the same break schedule as the other three residence halls.

    Do students ever get assigned to halls or rooms they did not request?

    Yes. Students will get assigned to other halls if their requested hall is filled by the time the application is received.

    Can I request a specific roommate?

    Yes. Mutual roommates may be requested on the University Housing Application Form. Applications of both parties must be submitted within 1 week and must list each other on the application.

    I've applied for housing at CSU-Pueblo but I've decided not to come to school here. How do I cancel my application?

    To cancel your contract, either click on the Housing Forms Link on the Residence Life webpage and complete and submit the Cancellation Form OR provide the Housing Office with a written/typed document that contains the following:

    Today's date, your printed name and PID Number, a statement that I would like to cancel my housing agreement, a reason why you are canceling your housing, AND YOUR SIGNATURE. (The statement must be made in your name as the student and not on your behalf from a parent/guardian or other third party.)

    These documents can be faxed to our Main Office at 719.549.2636 or mailed to:

    University Housing
    2290 Bonforte Blvd.
    Pueblo, CO 81001

    *Please refer to Section 22 of your copy of the University Housing Agreement for specific information regarding termination/cancellation dates, deposit refunds and other penalties.


    Staffing: what is an RA?

    An RA is a Resident Assistant and the first contact for resident students to gain support and information about living in the hall. Resident Assistants are paraprofessional student staff that help manage the hall. RAs are full-time students who have lived in the residence halls and are designated resources for residents to go to and gain information about campus living and the university as a whole. Each floor is assigned an RA. Each RA has gone through an intensive hiring process and is trained to help serve residents. RAs are available to help with roommate mediations and are also responsible for policy enforcement and implementing floor programs/activities to keep students engaged with the floor and campus community. Each building is assigned a full-time, live-in, Master's level professional University staff member that supervises the RAs and the day-to-day operation/administration of the residence hall. Our live-in professional staff are also able to address emergencies 24/7 along with our Campus Sheriff's department.

    What facilities/features do you provide?

    University Housing manages Culebra Hall, Crestone Hall, Greenhorn Hall, and University Village at Walking Stick. The office of Residence Life and Housing is located in Culebra Hall. All halls have common lounge spaces, 24 hour study rooms, computers and printers, wireless internet access, free laundry and basic cable T.V. in each room. All residents must provide their own TV.

    Where can I go if I have a concern while living in the hall?

    Your RA is the first resource for residents to contact to address issues in the hall. Each hall has a front desk that is staffed until 3am on weekdays and 24 hours Friday through Sunday. Culebra Hall is the only front desk that is staffed 24/7. Residents are also welcome to contact each desk for support.

    Can I bring bed risers to make more space under my bed?

    If you would like your bed lofted, submit a Work Order and our Maintenance Crew will loft the bed for you. The Work Order form can be found on our Housing main page.

    How can I access the internet in the halls?

    It is recommended that residents provide their own standard CAT-5/Ethernet cable to access the internet regardless of their computers platform (MAC or PC) These cables can be purchased wherever computer accessories are sold including the University Bookstore. Each room has one direct access point per resident to the University's TWOLFnet Broadband Network. The commons areas in the residence halls have wireless network access through the University's TWOLFnet Wireless Network. The computer labs on campus are all PC-based. In order to connect any device to TWOLFnet they would have to be registered through the residents E-Account and a MAC Address would have to be provided, the device should then connect to TWOLFnet. To register your devise or for more information please go to, the IT Website.

    Can I bring my pet?

    The only pets allowed in University Housing without needing the approval of the Disability Resources and Support Center are freshwater fish in a ten-gallon or smaller aquarium. In order to have a pet that is actually a Service or Therapy animal in the Residences Halls, the animal would have to be approved by Disability Resources and Support Center and they will notify the Main Housing Office with whether or not the animal was approved. More information can be found at

    Where can I send/receive mail or packages?

    Each resident is assigned an individual mailbox number. For privacy and security reasons, this mailbox number is separate and unique from your room number. Based on room/building assignment, student addresses are as follows:
    Colorado State University-Pueblo
    2290 Bonforte Blvd.
    Pueblo, CO 81001

    The US Post Office delivers mail Monday-Friday to the campus mailroom located in the Physical Plant. Packages sent via FedEx or UPS also are delivered Monday-Friday to the campus mailroom located in the Physical Plant during regular business hours. FedEx and UPS packages delivered on Saturday are first stored securely at the University's Mail Center located at the Physical Plant and then delivered to the residence hall on Monday the next business day, again, during regular business hours. Packages that are too big to fit inside your mailbox will be securely stored at the Occhiato University Center (OUC) mailroom in Mesa Verde Room (216A) and a notification slip will be placed in your mailbox in place of the package. Bring the notification slip to the OUC Mesa Verde Mailroom (216A) and your Student ID to receive your package.

    Where can I eat on campus?

    Meal plans are used at the Café temporarily located on the east side of the main level of CSU-Pueblo's student union, the Occhiato University Center (OUC). This facility is open seven days a week. Other on campus food service facilities include The Bistro at Culebra Hall, La Cantina in the lower level of OUC (currently under renovation), The Pavilion outside of the Hasan School of Business, Café Libro in the Library and the Coffee Lounge in the General Classroom Building. These facilities accept cash, credit/debit cards, and Thunderbucks or Dining Dollars that are credited to your student account. For more information on meal plans or Thunderbucks, please contact Auxiliary Services at 719.549.2161 during regular business hours.

    Can I change my meal plan?

    Meal plans may be changed any time prior to check in and up through the second week of the semester. Meal plans are required for all residence hall students. Changes to meal plans are processed through Auxiliary Services currently located in the Student Recreation Center but will return to the CSU-Pueblo's student union, the Occhiato University Center (OUC) once renovation is complete. During this time, switching meal plans can be done without penalty. Students who choose a more expensive meal plan will be billed the pro-rated difference to their university account. Students who choose a less expensive meal plan will be credited the pro-rated difference to their university account.

    Can I permanently move-out of housing at the end of Fall Semester in December?

    The University Housing Agreement is a legal, binding contract for the entire academic year, August-May. The contract ends in May. Students who choose to move-out of the residence halls before the end of the contract in December AND remain enrolled as full-time students at CSU-Pueblo for the following spring semester are still financially responsible for the next semester's room and board charges. Students are billed for room and board twice a year during the academic year: once in August for the fall semester and once in January for the spring semester. Students who leave CSU-Pueblo and/or transfer to another school in December will only forfeit their deposit for breaking the University Housing Agreement but WILL NOT be charged for housing for the next semester.

Office of Residence Life and Housing


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