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With Vision 2028, Colorado State University Pueblo established a set of values as a Hispanic Serving institution dedicated to interdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship. Through this dedication, CSU Pueblo will elevate its people and community, create educational opportunities, foster unique collaborations, and support inclusion, access and affordability as a gateway to the world.

Our new mission reflects our desire to increase student success in a rapidly changing world by instilling resilience, agility and problem-solving abilities in our diverse student population. Students need to be ready for a world where Artificial Intelligence and technological advances will be playing an ever-increasing role.

They not only have to master the technical skills associated with their field of study but also successfully function within interdisciplinary teams, analyze information and seamlessly transfer their knowledge and expertise between different contexts. Moreover, students also need a robust educational basis that supports creativity, cultural agility, empathy and communication.

CSU Pueblo has, with support from the Board of Governors, started working on initiatives to create an educational environment that can make this a reality. These initiatives include experiential learning opportunities for students through a revised financial-aid model that allows students to have meaningful work experiences as early as their freshman year.

A re-imagination of Capstone experiences for all disciplines complements these experiential learning experiences and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. Another initiative aims at the redesign of general education to create an educational environment for students to develop all needed skills. The organizational structure of academic affairs needs to be supportive of the educational environment. An examination of the current organization of our academic affairs division reveals the following issues:

  1. The distribution of the number of majors across the colleges vary widely. The number of majors in the college with the highest number, College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies (CEEPS), is more than triple the lowest number of majors in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM).
  2. The grouping of majors in the different colleges is less than ideal and not conducive to collaborations. Hence, it is imperative to examine the existing academic structure. For example, CEEPS, which has the largest number of majors, is a collection of programs in Education, Engineering, Technology, Management, Nursing, Health Sciences and Human Performance. Some of these programs are closely related while others seem to align more closely with other Colleges and Schools on campus.
  3. There exist opportunities to raise the profile of programs in Nursing and Health Sciences, especially given the scheduled opening of the renovated Psychology Building (Integrated Human Health and Humanities).
  4. With the campus focus on selecting the Technology Building as the highest priority for the next renovation project, there exists an opportunity for highlighting programs in STEM as another area of focus on campus.
  5. The Hasan School of Business is a strong partner and collaborator at the undergraduate level with management programs within CEEPS including the Automotive Industry Management program (AIM).
  6. Within CEEPS there are three full-time administrators (Dean, 2 Associate Deans) and four department chairs providing an opportunity for some cost savings.

Summer 2022

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$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

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