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Dominique C. Jeter

Admissions Counselor

Dominique C. Jeter
Contact Info
LARC 120
Office Hours:
8:00 - 5:00


Hello lovely humans. My name is Dominique C. Jeter. Though I am not a Pueblo native, it is a pleasure to work at CSU Pueblo. I am originally from the Chicagoland area born and raised but now call Colorado home.  I love the variety of activities that you have such as hiking, concerts, fairs, and much more.


Why CSU Pueblo?

I chose CSU Pueblo being that they are a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and I saw the wide range of diversity amongst their student population. As a bi ethnic woman, identity both in the workplace and with the people I assist daily is imperative. Additionally, I am a first-generation college student and I want to give back to students who come from similar backgrounds such as myself to help them succeed throughout life. 


Favorite Restaurants

  1. Chipotle 
  2. Tacos La Corita 
  3. Three Amigos Sno - Balls

Fun Facts

  • My favorite color is pink! (I know, such a girly girl)
  • I have gone to Kenya and was there for two weeks. 

Not So Fun Facts

  • The moths here (specifically during migration) and spiders are NOT my friends.
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