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    Campus is closed on Monday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day.

Alyssa Vargas-Lopez M.A.

Admissions Counselor

Alyssa Vargas-Lopez M.A.
Contact Info
Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Hey, my name is Alyssa Vargas-Lopez. I am a Pueblo native. I graduated from CSU Pueblo in 2019, where I studied sociology and earned minors in anthropology, art, and honors. Following that, I went to the University of Missouri at St. Louis to get my master’s degree in museum studies. I love going to art shows, crafting, participating in community service opportunities, and hanging out with my friends for trivia night!


Opportunity at a low cost! Before attending CSU Pueblo, I heard several stories about the projects and trips that past students were able to take part in. Well let me tell you, CSU Pueblo did not disappoint. I traveled to Mexico to our sister campus in Todos Santos for a week, flew out to Atlanta, GA, for a conference, earned an internship at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., and most of my experiences were paid for by the university or my financial aid!

Favorite Restaurants 

  • Mill Stop
  • Old Chicago
  • Sushi Garden

Fun Facts

  • My office is three doors down from my best friend's office.
  • I like rocks and crystals, especially ones that sparkle! 
  • I LOVE spicy food!
  • I'm a proud museum person. 

Not So Fun Facts

  • I'm indecisive. (I changed my major five times and still ended up with three different minors.)
  • I actually like the band Nickleback.
  • My guilty pleasure is listening to really bad musicals. 
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