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Campus Initiatives

Fall 2017 Campus Forums Recap

President Mottet and the Vice Presidents hosted University forums in October. The below forum was captured on 10/11/2017 for all employees that would like to attend. The forum addressed university performance, current finances, enrollment management, and strategies for enhancing performance. Additional time was available for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

FY 2018-19 Performance Goals


Fall 2018 enrollment from 4,053 to 4,075 students


Freshman retention rate from 63% to 67%


Maintain six-year graduation rate at or above 34%


Graduates who are employed in their field or accepted to an advanced degree program at six months after graduation to 82%

6 University Priorities

  1. Enhance workplace for all employees
  2. Design differentiated vision
  3. Maximize organizational efficiencies
  4. Market & position the university
  5. Improve university performance
  6. Enhance financial sustainability

20 Jumpstart Initiatives

  • Expand nursing program
  • Increase on-line enrollments
  • Create four-year college going culture in Pueblo
  • Increase financial aid
  • Implement local marketing campaign
  • Develop "First-Stop" concept
  • Implement wait lists
  • Implement advising month
  • Connect all students to another person
  • Implement STARFISH
  • Implement GPA alert program
  • Implement professional advisors
  • Study summer school offerings
  • Develop task force to examine course scheduling
  • Implement career advising council
  • Increase internship participation
  • Address employee compensation
  • Implement supervisory training
  • Research CSU-Pueblo "Academy" concept
  • Develop task force to examine Psychology building

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