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About the Minor

Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership Studies Minor (Prerequisite: Acceptance into President's Leadership Program) 


  • PLP160: Principles of Leadership (3 credit course) 
  • PLP260: Leadership in Service Organizations (3 credit course) 
  • PLP360: Applied Leadership (3 credit course) 
  • PLP460: Working with Experienced Leaders (3 credit course) or PLP489: Field Placement in Leadership (3 credit course) 
  • SPCOM103: Speaking and Listening (3 credit course) 

For a total of 18 credits 

Students may choose from the following electives to complete the minor in Leadership Studies. Students are encouraged to diversify their course selections. Only one course may count in both the student’s major and the Leadership Studies minor. Special topics courses related to leadership and new courses approved in other disciplines may also be approved on a case by case basis.  Students should check with the PLP Academic Advisor for a current roster of specific additions. (In some cases, prerequisites or permission of instructor may be required for enrollment. See Course Descriptions section of university catalogue for information and requirements about all courses.)

  • BUSAD270: Business Communication (3 credit course) 
  • BUSAD302: Ethics in Business (3 credit course) 
  • EXHP436: Exercise Assessment and Leadership (3 credit course) 
  • MCCNM370: Non-Profits Orgs and Communication (3 credit course) 
  • MGMT201: Principles of Management (3 credit course) 
  • MGMT301: Organizational Behavior (3 credit course) 
  • PHIL201: Classics in Ethics (3 credit course) 
  • POLSC405: The American Presidency (3 credit course) 
  • PSYCH311: Theories of Personality (3 credit course) 
  • PSYCH315: Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 credit course) 
  • PHIL204 Critical Reasoning (3 credit course) 
  • REC270: Outdoor Leadership I (2 credit course) 
  • REC350: Leadership and Ethics (3 credit course) 
  • REC370: Outdoor Leadership II (2 credit course) 
  • SOC432: Organizational Theory (3 credit course) 
  • PLP491: Special Topics (3 credit course) 

The President’s Leadership Program staff recommends at least one course focusing on the issues of diversity, either as a general education offering or as it relates to leadership, to prepare students for leadership in a multicultural world. Considering the benefits of a multidisciplinary education, students should select electives from more than one discipline.

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

Student wearing face mask

The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

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