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Political Science at CSU-Pueblo provides students with the opportunity to become a part of our political process themselves. The Program sponsors student internships at the state capitol in Denver for academic credit, and the Political Science Club allows our students to organize events attended by key state and local lawmakers and government officials. These experiences have helped our alumni in careers in related fields.


Every year, CSU-Pueblo Political Science majors have the opportunity to travel to Denver to work in the offices of Colorado state legislators to get a firsthand experience in politics. Internships provide valuable experience and unmatched access to government officials that are helpful in gaining future employment. Students also earn academic credit toward their major requirement by producing work demonstrating that they are able to apply concepts learned in relevant coursework to their practical experiences.


Recent graduates of the program have gone on to serve as congressional staff, directors of non-governmental organizations, in the U.S. military and intelligence communities, and as attorneys and law enforcement personnel. Others have been admitted to prestigious graduate and doctoral degree programs. The options for graduates of the Political Science Program are limitless.

We encourage our alumni to contribute to the Program and assist current students. You can help:

  • Keep in touch so that we have your current contact information.
  • Provide Internship Opportunities
  • Volunteer as a Career Mentor
  • Volunteer as a Guest Speaker

Political Science Club

The Club is one of the most active and visible student groups at CSU-Pueblo. It organizes events on campus and in the community that promote learning about important policy issues, politics and elections, and the field of Political Science. One of the most popular events on campus, the annual Southern Colorado Policy Issues Forum, is organized by the Political Science Club.

For more information about the Club, please visit the Political Science Club section of the Student Organizations list.



    Kyley Burress

    Graduation Date: 2016

    Current Job Title/Activity: Campaign manager for State Representative Dave Young

    Quote: The professors in the Political Science program were always available and willing to assist students. This is a no joke program, with extremely challenging yet insightful lectures. I learned a lot from my Political Science professors and fellow students about politics and the world around us. I am proud and honored to say I graduated with my degree in Political Science from CSU-Pueblo.


    Bobby Brooks

    Graduation Date: 2015, Major in Political Science

    Current Job Title/Activity: Co-manager of campaign for El Paso County Commissioner; member of the Park & Recreation Advisory Board, Fountain


    Jennifer Stewart

    Graduation Date: 2014, Major in Political Science

    Current Job Title/Activity: Masters student in the New Directions CU-Denver Master's program; Best and Brightest DOLA Intern, City of Fountain; Economic Development Specialist, City of Fountain

    Quote: I had an excellent experience at CSU-Pueblo as a Political Science major. I felt the subject matter and courses were challenging but I am thankful for that as it prepared me for my Political Science Master's program. Due to the program as a whole and engagement of the professors, it made me realize that I wanted to continue my education and helped me narrow down my career focus. I was exposed to countless aspects of political science - international relations, comparative politics, the presidency & congress, local government administration and more. Much of that knowledge I still use today. The program is all encompassing and does a great job of setting the students up for future career success. I would highly recommend the Political Science program to any student who is interested in government, politics or any related topic.


    Tayler Thomas

    Graduation Date: Spring 2013, Major in Political Science

    Current Job Title/Activity: Attorney at Law, Colorado State Public Defender - Pueblo Office

    Quote: The Political Science program at CSU-Pueblo provided me with the skills I needed to succeed in law school. The courses are aimed at challenging students to critically think and analyze information - skills that are essential to the study of law. Each professor brings their own unique set of life experiences to the classroom so that students are able to achieve a well-rounded education in government and politics. One of the aspects I enjoyed most about the program was the accessibility and availability of my professors for whatever concerns or questions that I had. I felt as though my professors served not only as educators, but also mentors. My professors constantly encouraged me to pursue a post-graduate education and made every effort to assist me in doing so by writing countless recommendation letters and editing my personal statements. Three years after graduating, my professors from CSU-Pueblo are still happy to help me in any way possible. I would encourage every student to pursue a degree in Political Science from CSU-Pueblo.


    Jacob El Bekhty

    Graduation Date: 2014, Major in Political Science

    Current Job Title/Activity: Investigator for Colorado State Public Defender

    Quote: As a non-traditional student, the support I received from the Political Science faculty was top notch. I feel that the program prepared me well for both academia and the work place. The fact that I felt like the faculty was personally invested in my success beyond the classroom was a huge motivator for me. The program was small and provided room for faculty attentiveness in regards to each student’s individual needs and goals. Through the Political Science program I was able to complete two separate internships, both of which provided college credit and led to paid employment positions. The first was a job at the State Capital that provided me with a wealth of knowledge and contacts that I still use today, and the second led me to a career that has proven to be both financially and personally rewarding. I loved being in this program and am extremely grateful to the faculty for their straight forward approach, high standards, and commitment to the success of their students.

    Adrienn Halland

    Graduation Date: Spring 2013, Major in Political Science

    Current Job Title/Activity: Special Assistant to the Deputy of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, U.S. Department of Defense

    Quote: "The political science program at CSU-Pueblo is challenging, but rewarding. The faculty are available to students, are understanding of student needs, and are willing to go the extra mile to mentor their students."


    Kyle Lopez

    Graduation Date: Spring 2013, Major in Political Science w/ Minor in Homeland Security

    Job Title/Activity post-graduation: Master of Public Administration student at the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs

    Quote: Majoring in Political Science was one of the most rewarding endeavors of my academic career. A rigorous curriculum, exceptional facility, unwavering support, and real-world applications combine to make the program both academically enlightening and practically useful. The program not only teaches students about political institutions and phenomenon but also develops versatile and required skills for a variety of professional career fields. Majoring in Political Science prepared me for graduate level study and my future career.


    Josh Luna

    Graduation Date: Spring 2013, Major in Political Science

    Job Title/Activity post-graduation: Law Student, University of Colorado, Boulder

    Quote: "The Political Science department at CSU-Pueblo offers a variety of interesting courses that help students excel in finding their niche, as well as excellent professors who encourage students to find internships and apply to graduate school. The political science department not only gave me the necessary tools to gain experience through various internships, but also helped prepare me for law school."


    Drew Yocom

    Graduation Date: Spring 2013, Major in Political Science

    Job Title/Activity post-graduation: Masters of Public Policy student at Arizona State University

    Quote: "Of all the majors available to students at CSU-Pueblo, Political Science stands out as having the faculty that are the most dedicated to their students. The faculty are always available and go out of their way to help students succeed at all levels. Every professor in the department has the ability to connect to their students and relate the topics they teach to real world applications. I have never heard a student talk so highly about their professors as my fellow Political Science students talk about ours."


    Mitchell Cozad

    Graduation Date: Spring 2012, Major in Political Science

    Job Title/Activity post-graduation: Mediator/Arbitrator, Ombudsman at Lewis Construction Equipment

    Quote: "The Political Science Department at CSU-Pueblo helped develop my ability to think critically and analyze information. My degree in Political Science gave me the education that is essential in today's economy. I am able to apply my educational experience organizational skills, ability to communicate effectively, and the ability to understand the value of diversity directly to the professional market.

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