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In the Political Science Program, students investigate the causes and effects of various forms of political behavior; they analyze the policymaking processes of governments, the political and social consequences of laws, sources of international conflict and diplomacy, and values that shape political institutions and procedures. We offer courses in American Government, International Relations, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. Students work with faculty who research and publish in these areas and who have direct experience in the process of government.

The Program offers the opportunity to pursue either a Major or Minor in Political Science, and many courses count toward the university's General Education requirements. The course requirements for the degrees are listed below, and at the bottom of this page you can find more information about courses, internships, and the Political Science Program.


Students majoring in Political Science and operating under the most recent (2019-2020) catalog must complete a minimum of 39 semester credit hours in the Program, including 18 hours in the Political Science core. Students are required to earn a grade of C or better in all courses.

POLSC Courses Titles Credits
POLSC 101  American National Politics  3
POLSC 201 International Relations  3
POLSC 202  Comparative Politics 3
POLSC 250 Research Methods 3
POLSC 370  Political Thought 3

POLSC 480  - or - 


Practicum in Politics or Public Service


POLSC 493 Senior Seminar 3

Political Science electives.

Electives must include one course in each of four categories. Two remaining  electives may be of any type.

1) American Politics: 350, 360, 405, 411

2) International Relations: 230, 305, 306, 460

3) Comparative Politics: 440, 445, 450, 455

4) Public Policy / Administration: 330, 340

    39 Total Credits

Students minoring in Political Science must complete a minimum of 21 semester credit hours in the Program, including 9 hours in the Political Science core. Students are required to earn a grade of C or better in all courses

POLSC Courses Titles Credits
POLSC 101 
American National Politics 

International Relations
Comparative Politics
POLSC 250  Research Methods​ 3
Political Science Electives​   12
     21 Total Credits


    (*) Indicates course meets General Education requirements.
    Though subject to change, courses listed with the following tend to be offered in the specified semesters:
    (F) = Fall only (S) = Spring only (SS) = Summer Session

    POLSC 101
    American National Politics (*)

    POLSC 102
    State and Local Government and Politics (S)

    POLSC 201
    International Relations (F) (*)

    POLSC 202
    Comparative Politics (S) (*)

    POLSC 250
    Research Methods in Political Science (F) 

    POLSC 270
    Introduction to Homeland Security (F)

    POLSC 271
    Terrorism (S)

    POLSC 272
    Critical Incident Management (F)

    POLSC 305
    Causes of War (S)

    POLSC 306
    Peace Studies (F)

    POLSC 321
    American Constitutional Development (F) (prerequisite: POLSC 101)

    POLSC 322
    American Constitutional Law (S) (prerequisite: POLSC 321 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 323
    Criminal Law and Procedure (F) (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 324
    Family Law (S) (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 330
    Introduction to Public Administration (prerequisite: POLSC 101)

    POLSC 340
    Public Policy (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 350
    Political Attitudes and Behavior (F)

    POLSC 360
    Media, Politics, and Power (S)

    POLSC 370
    Western Political Thought (F, S) (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 373
    Intelligence and National Security (F)

    POLSC 374
    Homeland Security and the Law (S)

    POLSC 375
    Threat and Strategic Planning (S)

    POLSC 395
    Independent Study (prerequisite: permission of instructor. 1-3 credits, repeatable to 6 credits)

    POLSC 405
    The American Presidency (S) (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 411
    The U.S. Congress(F) (prerequisite: POLSC 101 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 440
    Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

    POLSC 445
    Inequality and Economic Development

    POLSC 450
    Democracy and Dictatorship

    POLSC 455
    States, Citizens and Human Rights

    POLSC 460
    U.S. Foreign and Security Policy (F) (prerequisite: POLSC 201 or permission of instructor)

    POLSC 461
    War and Film

    POLSC 480
    Practicum in Politics and Public Service (prerequisite: permission of department) 1-3 credits, repeatable to 6 credits.
    Student manual​

    POLSC 491
    Special Topics (prerequisite: junior or senior status with adequate preparation and approval of instructor.) 1-3 credits, repeatable

    POLSC 492
    Research 1-3 credits, repeatable to 6 credits

    POLSC 493
    Seminar (S) 1-3 credits, Prerequisite: POLSC 250 and 370, or permission of instructor.



    Political Science majors are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship at some point in the course of their undergraduate study. One such option is the Legislative Internship. Every year, CSU-Pueblo Political Science majors have the opportunity to travel to Denver to work in the offices of Colorado state legislators to get a firsthand experience in politics. Internships provide valuable experience and unmatched access to government officials that are helpful in gaining future employment. Students also earn academic credit toward their major requirement by producing work demonstrating that they are able to apply concepts learned in relevant coursework to their practical experiences. Consult the faculty in the Political Science Program for other internship possibilities, including on political campaigns or in local government.

    Our Resources page has forms with more information about internship opportunities, the internship student manual, and the application for the legislative internship



    See our Resources page for advising and internship forms.

    Political Science Club

    The Political Science Club is one of the most active and visible student groups at CSU-Pueblo. It organizes events on campus and in the community that promote learning about important policy issues, politics and elections, and the field of Political Science. One of the most popular events on campus, the annual Southern Colorado Policy Issues Forum, is organized by the Political Science Club.

    For more information about the Club, please visit the Political Science Club section of the Student Organizations list.

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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