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Political Science

Welcome to the Political Science Program at Colorado State University-Pueblo!

The Political Science Program at CSU-Pueblo offers a wide range of exciting and essential courses on topics such as American elections, the presidency, terrorism, public policy, international relations, democracy and dictatorship, human rights, and U.S. foreign policy -- just to name a few. The program is led by an exceptionally engaged and student-centric faculty who are committed to the highest standards of teaching and research.

The Political Science Program provides a stimulating and rigorous program of study that prepares students for a very wide range of careers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Indeed, because the political science curriculum focuses heavily on the development of analytical and communication skills -- along with a comprehensive knowledge of public policy, politics, current events, and history -- it is regularly recognized as one of the best majors for undergraduates.  

The Political Science Program at CSU-Pueblo is also home to the Center for the Study of Homeland Security, which offers a professionally oriented Minor in Homeland Security. Also affiliated with the Political Science program is the University's interdisciplinary Minor in Legal Studies.



    Why study political science?

    Training in Political Science helps students understand and analyze domestic and global politics and policy. The Political Science curriculum develops skills that are essential in the modern workplace, including critical thinking, communication skills, statistical methods, and research design. It prepares students for a wide range of careers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. That's why organizations like the Princeton Review routinely rank political science as one of the best majors for undergraduates. 



    What can I do with a degree in Political Science?

    A degree in Political Science provides the knowledge and skills to succeed in a wide range of professional careers. Graduates in Political Science pursue careers in public policy, law, government, foreign service, education, business, military, homeland security, social work, and more.


    Which classes do I need to take?

    Please visit Program requirements page

    Where can I get forms?

    Visit our Resources page.

    How do I contact a professor?

    Visit our Contact Us page.

    What is the Political Science Club?

    The Club is a student-run organization that promotes the study of politics and government on campus and in the community, and also provides numerous social and academic opportunities for interested students. For more information, please visit the Student Organization's web page.
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