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Center for the Study of Homeland Security

The September 11th terrorist attacks brought concerns about Homeland Security, and considerations of military approaches to Homeland Defense, to the forefront of public attention and the national policy agenda. However, Homeland Security is a broad and complex field that involves far more than foreign terrorist groups or responses of guns, guards, and gates.' It is instead a complex area that requires a variety of conceptual approaches, and communication and coordination between all levels of society. Water and other natural resource security, earthquakes and other disasters, cyber-crime, and a wide array of human security threats demand public attention and the competition for resources as well. The Center for the Study of Homeland Security is therefore engaged in the vital work of promoting understanding these array of challenges and the most effective theoretical and policy responses.


The Center for the Study of Homeland Security (CSHS) at CSU-Pueblo provides the Southern Colorado region with university opportunities to study the growing field of Homeland Security, and also prepare them to succeed in related careers that include government, military, and high technology industries. The region that CSU-Pueblo serves includes five major Air Force bases, one of the largest Army bases in the United States, and several joint national and international military commands, including North American Air Defense Command, and the U.S. Space Command. In addition, there are large numbers of career professionals serving in homeland security-related fields in the Pueblo area, including federal, state, and local agencies involved in law enforcement, fire fighting, immigration, drug enforcement, customs control, and correction institutions. There are also a number of corporations providing security and military equipment and technical expertise.

CSHS fills a vital need in the Southern Colorado Community for either basic career preparation or continuing education for the many professionals already involved in the business' of homeland security. No other university or college in the region currently offers a comprehensive homeland security program at the undergraduate, or continuing education level. CSU-Pueblo is a member of the partnership consortium of the Homeland Security and Defense Education Consortium Association (HSDECA, ) sponsored through the Department of Homeland Security, that has established national accreditation standards for higher education programs.


Department Phone: 719.549.2156
Director's Phone: 719.549.2554

Fax: 719.549.2554

Center for the Study of Homeland Security
Political Science Department
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
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