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Physics Talks

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If you missed the live Physics Talks, here are the Videos!

In conjunction with PHYS 293: Physics Majors' Intro Seminar, the Physics Department hosted a series of talks. If you missed them here are links to the video recordings.

Laser Communications: Dr. William Brown      
Black Holes: Dr. Caixia Gao                                  
Intro to Particle Accelerators: Dr. Shamim Akhtar

The course itself covers how and why to be a physics major, hot topics, deep questions, and new discoveries in physics, fun physics demonstrations, physics equipment tours, careers and career exploration for physics majors, five top things to make you a marketable physics graduate, philosophy and history of physics, math and physics, the road to graduate school, resources, opportunities and extracurricular activities. Topics vary based on interests of the class. 

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