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As a physics major at CSU-Pueblo you will have close contact with experienced faculty in small classes and social events. All physics faculty observe the open-door policy when they are in their offices so that you will receive individual attention when you need it throughout your academic career.

Labs are taught by faculty members, not teaching assistants. All lab courses have been recently redesigned to take full advantage of new equipment. Both introductory and advanced labs are fully equipped with computers at each lab station to enable computer-assisted data acquisition and analysis. The department has a well-equipped stockroom that includes a variety of lasers and precision optical equipment, a multi-channel analyzer for nuclear studies, an 8 inch reflecting telescope, experiments on high temperature superconductivity, x-rays, and more.

Why should you study physics?

Physics is the foundation of all science and technology. The laws of physics have taken mankind to the moon and have been used to help develop semiconductors, superconductivity, lasers and holograms, fiber optic communications and much more. Physics has enabled scientists to understand their physical world from the tiniest quarks and electrons to the vastness of the cosmos. Physics has been applied to help us contemplate the origins of the universe as well as the more mundane task of developing products that meet human needs.

Mastering physics is challenging. As a student of physics you will learn how to observe carefully, keep accurate records, think clearly and logically, solve problems, and work both on your own and in groups. Such useful skills have life-long value and open doors to many fine career opportunities--not just in physics.

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Department Of Mathematics and Physics

Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 Bonforte Blvd. Pueblo, CO 81001-4901

Information: 719.549.2433
Fax: 719.549.2962
University Operator: 719.549.2100
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Physics Department

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Faculty and Staff

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