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Expected Student Outcomes

Undergraduate Degree

Physics/Physical Science Program

The major in physics leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree. In addition, supporting courses and general education courses in physics and astronomy are available for students with a wide spectrum of interests, backgrounds and needs. Physics majors must consult with a program advisor as early as possible and must file a departmentally approved plan of study by the beginning of the junior year.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in physics is offered with several emphasis areas:

For the first three (non-teacher) emphasis areas, the recommended sequences of courses presume that the student is ready to begin MATH 126 in the first semester of the freshman year. If not, MATH 124 should be taken in the fall and MATH 126 in the spring of the freshman year concurrently with PHYS 221. Otherwise it may not be possible to complete the requirements for a physics degree within four years. Students, especially transfers, who do not strictly adhere to the plan of study, may find that the term of attendance at CSU-Pueblo will be extended beyond four years.

Physics Emphasis Primarily for students planning graduate study toward a professional career in physics, astronomy or other related fields.

Engineering Emphasis

This emphasis is for students planning to enter positions in industry upon graduation. Courses in engineering enhance the utility of the graduate to potential employers.

Chemical Physics or/Biophysics Emphasis

These emphasis areas are designed to meet specific career objectives for an individual.

Physics/Secondary Certification Emphasis

This emphasis provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain Colorado Department of Education certification as science teachers with an emphasis in physics.

Physical Science Secondary Certification Emphasis

This emphasis provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain Colorado Department of Education certification as science teachers with an emphasis in physics and chemistry.


Minors also are available in physics and physical science for students who need a specialized science minor in these fields.

Planning Sheets

Academic Planning Sheet: BS Physics

Academic Planning Sheet: BS Physics (Pre-Calc)

Upon successful completion of the physics major, students will be able to:

  1. Think critically and logically and use the scientific method in their future investigations.
  2. Understand and apply knowledge of various subfields of physics at the undergraduate level and make a successful transition to technical fields, including engineering, teaching, business, and graduate studies.
  3. Effectively communicate their results orally and in writing.
  4. Learn independently, locate and use appropriate sources of technical material and make use of modern scientific and computational tools.

High School Prep


    What to Take in High School

    As a prospective physics student you should take as much science and mathematics as possible during your high school years. Especially important are physics, chemistry, geometry, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. The usual sequence of physics courses require entering freshmen to be able to begin studying calculus and analytic geometry in the first year, but there is a little time during the first semester to clear up deficiencies.

    Good writing skills are extremely important as well as courses in the arts, humanities and social sciences. They will help prepare you for a successful college experience.


    Scholarships and Work-Study Can Help Pay Your Bills

    Physics students may apply for a number of scholarships which are available to CSU-Pueblo students in any major area of study. President's scholarships are available to entering freshmen, continuing students and transfer students. The LaMotte Scholarship will soon be available for students majoring in physics.

    You can get practical physics experience and get paid, too, if you qualify for the University's work-study program. Some students tutor or set up labs. Others repair equipment or help out during lab time.

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