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What can YOU do with a CSU-Pueblo Physics degree?

More than 40,000 physicists work in industry, educational institutions, government, and medical centers today. Most are active scientists and engineers, engaged in research, development, administration, and teaching. Others use their physics background in fields such as publishing, sales, law, accounting, and medicine.

Two thirds of all physicists tend to work in basic or applied research and development that is supported by privately financed, governmental, or non-profit research centers. Basic research aims to increase the knowledge about the universe. Applied research uses basic knowledge to solve human problems such as food and energy supply, environmental protection, transportation, communication and defense.

Other opportunities for employment exist in teaching, consulting, environmental research, biophysics, computer science, nuclear physics, geophysics, medical physics, astrophysics, meteorology, and any industry utilizing technology. If you are interested in a career related to physics, we invite you to join us at

Colorado State University-Pueblo . . . an excellent choice!

The skills you learn in physics are useful in many careers. Our graduates have gone into geology, geophysics, medical physics, environmental studies, aerospace engineering, electronics and astronomy. Still others have used their physics skills in management and business.

Our physics graduates have found employment with the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of Transportation Test Track, Sandia and Argonne National Labs, Desert Research Institute in Nevada, and in such companies as Martin Marietta, Unisys, National Cash Register, Xerox, Ford, Kaman Sciences, Borg Warner, OAO Corporation, Advanced Digital System, and many more.

Like many physicists, physics graduates have traveled to faraway places. Robert spent several 7 month winters at the South Pole, Becky did geophysics research in Argentina, Pat gave lectures in China. Recent physics graduates have pursued advanced degrees at many fine universities including University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Arizona, University of Washington, and University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

If you think that physics at CSU-Pueblo might be in your future, give us a call at 719.549.2444 or email us at and set up a time to meet us and tour the facilities. ​​​

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