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Black Coffee Film

To watch the entire film, you will need to be at the CSU-Pueblo campus. This film is meant to be watched on portable devices while you are at the university.

This film is a choose-your-own-adventure. At the end of many scenes, you get to choose what the main character, Pat, does next. To watch the next scene you have chosen, you will need to follow directions provided in the film. When you follow those directions, you will find a password, which you will need in order to watch the next scene. So, for example, you might need to walk to the basement of the Psychology Building and find a password taped to a door. Or you might need to visit a website and find a password written there. Once you have found the password, type it into this website to see the next scene.

Ultimately, then, this film involves an interactive scavenger hunt. To watch all of it, you will need to take action in the real world.



If you are new to the project and don't have a code just yet, go ahead and press the Get Started button. If you already have a code and have already seen the first video, go ahead and type in your code and we will get your video ready for you! You may need to use the "Additional Links" at the bottom of this page to fully experience the project. Do NOT use any spaces before, after, or in-between characters or they will fail.

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