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Central Production

  • Joshua Munson: Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • Andrew J. Corsa: Producer
  • Jiaxi Shen: Assistant Director, Technical Supervisor
  • Sam Torres: Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
  • Caitlin Jimenez: Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Cinematographer

Web Design

  • Adam Pocius
  • Daniel A. Baliczek

Film Sponsored By

  • Arri Rental

Central Cast

  • Manny Crespin: Pat Patterson
  • Levi Maes: Bruce
  • Morgan Kester: Sofia
  • W. Richard Walker: Mike
  • Sean McCain: Gregory
  • Cynthia Jordan: Dana
  • Verlaine L. Cowart: Georgie
  • Aidan Jarrett: Benny
  • Kate Fox: Jenny


Hannah Campbell (Film Assistant), Emily Fair (Doodler), Maxwell Groznik (Lounger), Brooke N. Hess (Library Circulation Worker), Nicolle Pierce (Trash-Throwing Student), Joyce Pretzer (Janitor), Nicholas Reynolds (Barista), Adam Sekuler (Guy Who Flirts), Tinkerbell (Dog), Todd Smith (Technician) Art Gallery Attendees: Tiffany Brandsoy, Florence Buie, Carmen Clary, Edward Doyle, Caitlin Jimenez, Molly Moreschini, Caroline Peters, Rachel Tallent, Jean M. Tucker-Lawton, Stavros Yfantis

Coffee Shop Customers/Students:

Cameron Collins, Jassa Few, Donnell Leomiti, Nathaniel McKimson, Lindsey Scott Students: Thomas Erickson, Savanna Flores, Chantal Gibson, Alec Herrera, Justin Schermerhorn, Megan Seley, Sean Solis

Screenplay By

  • Mark Wilk
  • Andrew J. Corsa
  • With Alec Herrera and Lindsey Scott

Music Composed By

  • David Volk
  • Lucas Bruno
  • Peter Burg
  • Reed Klemmer

Production and Design

  • Lorraine Blasé: Production Coordinator
  • Julie Berogan: Rat Poison Prop Design
  • Trey Brueggeman: Fundraising Page Design/Content
  • Caroline Peters: Location Supervisor
  • Cora Zalatel: Locations and Logistics Supervisor

Featured Art

  • Florence Buie: Painting, "The Dark Beyond"
  • Heidi Clemens: Painting
  • Monica Fuentes: Painting


  • Tiffany Brandsoy: Clapper, Playback
  • Florence Buie: Lighting, Clapper, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
  • Kevin Cano: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Carmen Clary: Lighting, Clapper, Playback
  • Edward Doyle: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator, Set Design
  • Thomas Erickson: Camera Operator, Lighting, Boom Pole Operator, Assistant Audio Editor
  • Jassa Few: Lighting, Clapper
  • Savanna Flores: Boom Pole Operator, Clapper
  • Trent Hammen: Boom Pole Operator
  • Alec Herrera: Boom Pole Operator, Assistant Audio Editor
  • William Jones: Camera Operator, Cinematographer
  • Donnell Leomiti: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Molly Moreschini: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Nicolle Pierce: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Joyce Pretzer: Lighting, Clapper
  • Nicholas Reynolds: Lighting, Assistant Audio Editor
  • Judy Romero-Saldana: Clapper
  • Justin Schermerhorn: Camera Operator, Lighting, Assistant Audio Editor
  • Megan Seley: Lighting, Clapper
  • Colin Skelton: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Todd Smith: Lighting, Boom Pole Operator
  • Sean Solis: Lighting, Camera Operator
  • Michael Tafoya: Lighting, Camera Operator
  • Rachel Tallent: Clapper, Boom Pole Operator
  • Breanna Williams: Lighting, Clapper
  • Stavros Yfantis: Lighting, Set Design

Production Assistants:

  • Jair Flores, Jazmyn Lott, Nathaniel McKimson, Paul Rose, Haley Sardello, Lindsey Scott, Jean M. Tucker-Lawton

Art In Gallery:

  • Florence Buie: Painting and Sculptures, "Kingdom of Tschepik," "When Life's in the Toilet," "Untitled"
  • Carmen Clary: Paintings, "Breaking Surface," "Nude Ride"
  • Amber Devalk: Painting
  • Edward Doyle: Sculpture, "Untitled"
  • Caitlin Jimenez: Painting, "The Owlchemist"
  • Molly Moreschini: Photography/Digital Art, "Stuck," "Toxic Series 3 Piece," "Face in the Crowd"
  • Joyce Pretzer: Sculpture, "Flowing"
  • Rachel Tallent: Paintings, "Dangerous Temptations," "Petal Droplets 1&2"
  • Stavros Yfantis: Sculpture, "Fish"

Musicians / Score Recording

  • Played/Recorded by students from the Music Department at CSU-Pueblo

With Thanks To:

  • The Hanging Tree Café in Pueblo, CO, for lending us and letting us use their café’s measuring shot glass, crème de menthe syrup, and poster
  • Charles Sole, the owner of the Hanging Tree Café in Pueblo, CO, who drew his store’s logo, which features on the poster seen in our film, and who lent us the items mentioned.
  • Grant Weller, for letting us shoot a scene in his office.
  • The Honors Program and the Departments of Art, Music, and Philosophy/History/Political-Science or donating funds to our budget.
  • Judith Kautz, Mark Wilk, Hannah Winand, Karen & Mark Bluett, Alex Conway, Deb Chronister, Jan Labellarte, Jess Kautz, and Anonymous - the families and friends of Andrew J. Corsa and Josh Munson, who donated funds to our budget.
  • Mallory Pace, for giving us permission to shoot in the university coffee shop.
  • Rhonda Gonzales, for giving us permission to shoot in the university library.
  • Cameron Mitchell, Stan Grunder, Austin Mulhern, Christopher Chaves, and Liam Anderson for lending us film equipment.
  • Alexandra Brodbeck for keeping Josh organized.
  • Eric Pizana for giving us permission to incorporate the nonprofit Care and Share into our project.
  • Anna Zawisza for giving ups permission to incorporate the nonprofit Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado into our project.
  • Care and Share and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado for their participation.

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