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CSU Pueblo Pathways

Your Pathway to Success

CSU Pueblo Pathways is an enhanced advising model that provides customized milestones to help you reach your academic, personal, and career goals during your academic journey. Milestones are completed via modules found inside of Blackboard LMS. 

All students are paired with a success team consisting of an Academic Success Coach, Faculty Mentor, and Peer Mentor. This team helps you track milestones, and will be there to support you every step of the way.

In partnership with CSU Pueblo Works, CSU Pueblo Pathways connects you to employment opportunities, unique experiences, new places, and support services to help you succeed.

If you have any questions about your pathway, or are a current student wanting to learn more, please submit the form below.

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Get Started

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Find Your Pathway

Students are encouraged to browse our various pathway types. Each pathway description tells you more about who the pathway is for, unique offerings for this student group, and introduces important support services to contact during your first semesters.

Pathways are entirely customizable, to help you define the path and milestones that are best for you.

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Meet Your Success Team

Within 48 hours after submitting your Registration Authorization Form, an Academic Success Coach will reach out to you to schedule an initial appointment.

Based on application material, student type, goals, etc. your Academic Success Coach will help you define/customize your pathway milestones, and also connect you with the rest of your success team.

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Begin Pathway Milestones

Once you have met with your Academic Success Coach, you are ready to begin completing pathway milestones. These can be completed via Blackboard Modules, attendance of events, CSU Pueblo Works, and more.

Tracking and guidance on all Pathway milestones can be found inside of Blackboard.

Pathway Milestones

All pathways have seven milestones that must be completed by the student's final year at CSU Pueblo. These milestones are meant to help students develop important skills and gain valuable experience to accomplish their goals and stand out in the job market. 

The seven required milestones can be completed and tracked through Blackboard LMS modules. These modules will offer different information to students based on their selected pathway.


    Milestone 1 - Technology

    In this milestone, students can expect to become familiar with the following:

    • Accessing your student email
    • Managing your NetID
    • Navigating PAWS/BANNER
    • Checking your Financial Aid Status
    • Creating a Handshake Account

    Milestone 2 - Support

    This milestone will begin during the student's initial meeting with their Academic Success Coach. This milestone consists of:

    • Introductions to your success team
    • Getting to know your Academic Success Coach
    • Getting to know your Faculty Mentor
    • Getting to know your Peer Mentor
    • Identifying key departments to support your transition to CSU Pueblo

    Milestone 3 - Resources

    This milestone helps students become familiar with invaluable resources in their academic journey. In this milestone, students will :

    • Meet the Works Coordinator
    • Complete their Handshake job placement account
    • Learn about Pack CARES referrals
    • Speak with a Career Coach
    • Connect with a tutor
    • and more!

    Milestone 4 - On Board

    The onboarding milestone is meant to give students more information to create their 4-year plan for both in and out of the classroom. In this milestone, students:

    • Attend orientation
    • Visit the Student Engagement and Leadership office
    • Create their academic plan
    • Register for classes
    • and more!

    Milestone 5 - First Steps Knowledge

    This milestone introduces students to important aspects of student life outside of the classroom. Students will:

    • Start their student portfolio for job placements
    • Learn about university events
    • Update/Create their resume
    • Become familiar with campus life for their pathway group
    • and more!

    Milestone 6 - Preparation & Experiences

    This milestone will begin after the student's first year at CSU Pueblo. In this milestone, students can expect to review the following:

    • Graduate school options
    • Career fairs
    • Job placement
    • Studying abroad
    • LinkedIn
    • and more!

    Milestone 7 - Transition & Placement

    The last milestone is meant to ensure that students get the most out of their last academic years at CSU Pueblo. 

    Important steps in this milestone include:

    • Degree Completion Options
    • Job Placement Refinement
    • Advanced Life Skills: Preparing for life after college
    • Completing student portfolio
    • Finalizing contracts for graduate school
    • Getting connected with the Alumni Association

We have several pathways available for students depending on goals and shared interests. However, our pathways are entirely customizable, to help you define the path that is best for you.

Every pathway provides the following:

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One-on-one onboarding tailored to student goals and needs

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Support Services to keep students on track with important milestones

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Customizable academic plan aligned with degree requirements

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Career development opportunities and experiences to connect you to your chosen learning and career paths

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Milestones & Skills Development as part of CSU Pueblo Works

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A roadmap customized to your unique interests

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Faculty & Staff

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