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  • CAMPUS CLOSED on Monday, July 4th.


    Campus is closed on Monday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What are CSU Pueblo Pathways?

    CSU Pueblo Pathways is an enhanced advising model that provides customized milestones to help you reach your academic, personal, and career goals during your academic journey. Milestones are completed via modules found inside of Blackboard LMS. 

    All students are paired with a success team consisting of an Academic Success Coach, Faculty Mentor, and Peer Mentor. This team helps you track milestones, and will be there to support you every step of the way.

    Based on your interests and aspirations, CSU Pueblo Pathways connects you to employment opportunities, unique experiences, new places, and support services to help you succeed.


    Why should I complete Pathway milestones?

     Upon graduating, students can face various levels of competition in the job market depending on their field of study, economic impacts, etc. Therefore, it is incredibly important for students to set themselves apart. 

    Completing pathway milestones allows students a clear roadmap of how to stay on track and participate closely with career enhancing opportunities provided through CSU Pueblo Works and the Career Center.

    Milestones ensure that students get the most out of their academic experience at CSU Pueblo, while feeling supported every step of the way.


    Do I have to complete milestones?

    Pathway milestones are meant to support students in their academic journey - not add requirements that are not beneficial for the student. Therefore, milestones are not a requirement. However, we strongly believe that referencing each milestone can help students become more familiar with important steps in each academic year. Even if students are not completing a milestone in Blackboard, they are encouraged to become familiar with their content.


    Who should I contact to get started?

    Students can contact their Academic Success Coach to learn more about pathways and how to get started. 

Summer 2022

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$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

Summer Scholarship Interest Form

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Registration is Open

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

CSU Pueblo Pathways

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