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Understanding CSU Pueblo Pathways

CSU Pueblo Pathways is an enhanced advising model created to achieve our primary goal of increased enrollment, retention, and graduation rates at CSU Pueblo. The structure of this model integrates:

  1. New and redesigned coursework in partnership with the General Education Redesign Team
  2. Career services, peer mentorship, and enhanced connection to student services
  3. Professional development and community building

Key Features and Benefits

  • Success Team - The PACK Center will guide students through the onboarding and early development processes of the student lifecycle, create a success team for each student that includes a 1st/2nd year Success Coach, Faculty Mentor, a link to the Peer Advisor network, and Career Center Staff. This Success team will be with them through the completion of their degree, with the hand off after 60 hours to the 3rd/4th Year Success Coach.
  • Shared Responsibility– The structure allows academic units continued control over course selection for their majors while others would allow PACK Center staff that responsibility. Overall, no matter how an academic unit participates, there will be support from professional staff, especially with Starfish, tracking, student four year plans, academic progress, financial aid, career services, and PACK Cares referrals. 
  • Flexibility- Faculty Mentors always have the capability to meet with students and can mark a student as advised if they have built a relationship with the student. The PACK Center will accommodate academic unit requests, such as scheduling first year students to meet with their faculty mentors. This continuous collaboration is essential to the success of this advising model.
  • Increased Communication – All PACK Center Success Coaches will attend department meetings in their academic area of coaching so they can build relationships with faculty. This will ensure that Academic Coaches are cognizant of changes or updates within the department. PACK Center Success Coaches will spend around 40% of their time “imbedded” in their academic area of responsibility, physically spending time in a satellite office or other defined space meeting with students where the students are.
  • Collaboration - The new Peer Advising Network will give students more options for contact, and for faculty and staff a new window into student life. The new curriculum will allow advising and mentoring, especially around career exploration and development, to be integrated into the four year plan. The new Advising Ecosystems will allow each academic unit to choose what is best for their students, curriculum, and discipline.
  • Increased Career Services - PACK Center Academic Success Coaches would be certified in the Strong Interest Inventory, and would administer that to their advisees within a proscribed timeline, which then facilitates additional engagement with career staff.
  • Better Advising of Undeclared - PACK Center Success Coaches would be certified in the Strong Interest Inventory, will be more tied into academic units, and will be able to coach students into metamajors during the students first semester. This will allow faster academic completion rates, better advising, and adherence to the Colorado momentum projet.
  • Peer Mentor System - Student Success Peer Mentors will help students clarify educational goals, assist in the development of an academic plan, interpret university policies and academic requirements, help students select appropriate course work, guide students through the academic decision making process, and direct students toward additional sources of information or assistance. As Peers, they will have access to students that is sometimes absent to both faculty and staff.

General Education Redesign

The General Education Re-Design Team is proposing different Freshman Seminar/First Year Experiences for our students, depending on metamajors and interest. These courses, once adapted from current curriculum, will therefore be a required class for all new incoming students AND integrated as a requirement into all undergraduate degree programs in some way that would count towards graduation. This would allow for the further refinement of the student’s personalized pathway in the first semester, as well as additional resource connection and persistence support. The General Education Re-Design Team is also exploring required Capstone experiences for all students that would require an internship/practicum or other significant work-based experience for each student.


Faculty Mentors

If you are a faculty member and do not have assigned students for mentorship, please notify the Pathways team to be paired with students in your area of study.

Peer Mentors

If you know or work with any student that represents the mission and vision of CSU Pueblo, you can recommend them to the Pack Center to become a peer mentor. 

Student Check-ins

All positions which are student facing are encouraged to ask students about pathway milestones, progress, and to connect students to support services that might benefit their academic journey.


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