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Term Last day to AddStart DateLast Day to DropLast Day to WithdrawEnd Date
Summer 18-A 4/27/2018 4/30/2018 5/7/2018 6/4/2018 6/24/2018
Summer 18-B 6/22/2018 6/25/2018 7/2/2018 7/30/2018 8/19/2018
Fall 18-A 8/17/2018 8/20/2018 8/27/2018 9/24/2018 10/14/2018
Fall 18-B 10/12/2018 10/15/2015 10/22/2018 11/19/2018 12/9/2018
Spring 19-A 12/30/2018 1/2/2019 1/9/2019 2/6/2019 2/26/2019
Spring 19-B 2/24/2019 2/27/2019 3/6/2019 4/3/2019 4/23/2019
Summer 19-A 4/27/2019 4/30/2019 5/7/2019 6/4/2019 6/24/2019
Summer 19-B 6/22/2019 6/25/2019 7/2/2019 7/30/2019 8/19/2019

Online RN-BSN Courses


    NSG 309: Professional Nursing Practice (4)

    Introduces registered nurses to mission and philosophy of the nursing program, professional practice and personal growth. Utilizes concepts of evidence-based, patient-centered care.

    NSG 351: Evidence Based Nursing Practice (3)

    Critically analyzes and applies nursing research to practice. Uses evidence-based practice to promote continuous quality improvement and patient-centered care. Prerequisite: MATH 156 with a grade of C or better.

    NSG 371: Healthcare Informatics (2)

    Introduces theory, infrastructure and ethical application of health informatics for the delivery of safe, effective, efficient, and quality patient-centered care.

    NSG 442: Global Public Health (3)

    Synthesizes theory, research, epidemiological and public health principles into planning interventions to meet the multidimensional health needs of a diverse, global society.

    NSG 442L: Global Public Health Lab (3)

    Application of NSG 442. Provides population-focused care in community health settings. (S/U grading)

    NSG 451: Nursing Leadership and Issues (3)

    Analyzes management and leadership theories. Explores issues related to quality improvement, evidence-based practice, professional integrity/leadership and teamwork/ collaboration.

    NSG 452: Synthesis of Nursing Practice (4)

    Prepares for transition into professional nursing practice. Integrates patient-centered care concepts for a variety of health needs across the lifespan.

    NSG 452L: Synthesis of Nursing Practice Lab (5)

    Application of NSG 452. Manages multiple, complex patients in a variety of healthcare settings utilizing evidence-based practice. Emphasizes integrity, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. (S/U grading)

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