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Course #

Course Title


NSG 309

Professional Nursing Practice


NSG 311

Integration of QSEN for Nurses


NSG 351

Evidence Based Nursing Practice


NSG 371

Healthcare Informatics


NSG 443

Global Public Health Nursing


NSG 443L

Global Public Health Nursing Lab


NSG 451

Nursing Leadership & Issues


NSG 453

Synthesis of Nursing Practice


NSG 453L

Synthesis of Nursing Practice Lab


Total Nursing Credits


Students enrolled in an ADN program need complete 57 credit hours of pre-requisite/co-requisite courses. Students may complete these courses while enrolled in CSU Pueblo's Registered Nurse to BSN Online Program. Use the Academic Planning Sheet to see which courses are required by the program.

Course Descriptions


    NSG 309: Professional Nursing Practice (4)

    Introduces registered nurses to mission and philosophy of the nursing program, professional practice and personal growth. Utilizes concepts of evidence-based, patient-centered care.

    NSG 311: Integration of Quality and Safety for Nurses (3)

    Apply QSEN skills, attitudes, knowledge to improve healthcare delivery. Identify concepts of quality improvement based on evidence. Survey teamwork, communication, collaboration, and transitions of care.


    NSG 351: Evidence Based Nursing Practice (3)

    Critically analyzes and applies nursing research to practice. Uses evidence-based practice to promote continuous quality improvement and patient-centered care. Prerequisite: MATH 156 with a grade of C or better.

    NSG 371: Healthcare Informatics (2)

    Introduces theory, infrastructure and ethical application of health informatics for the delivery of safe, effective, efficient, and quality patient-centered care.

    NSG 443: Global Public Health (3)

    Synthesizes theory, research, epidemiological and public health principles into planning interventions to meet the multidimensional health needs of a diverse, global society.

    NSG 443L: Global Public Health Lab (3)

    Application of NSG 443. Provides population-focused care in community health settings. (S/U grading)

    NSG 451: Nursing Leadership and Issues (3)

    Analyzes management and leadership theories. Explores issues related to quality improvement, evidence-based practice, professional integrity/leadership and teamwork/ collaboration.

    NSG 453: Synthesis of Nursing Practice (4)

    Prepares for transition into professional nursing practice. Integrates patient-centered care concepts for a variety of health needs across the lifespan.

    NSG 453L: Synthesis of Nursing Practice Lab (5)

    Application of NSG 453. Manages multiple, complex patients in a variety of healthcare settings utilizing evidence-based practice. Emphasizes integrity, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. (S/U grading)

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