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Master of Engineering Management

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Program Overview

The Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M.) will provide practitioners in the information, government, defense, military, and aerospace industries with the conceptual foundations and the skills required to take upper management roles in technology-driven, project-oriented companies and organizations. The M.E.M. program at CSU Pueblo focuses on the identification of problems arising in complex, interconnected, interdependent operations and on the design and deployment of efficient solutions for those problems. Our program has an interdisciplinary approach, leveraging solid principles of systems theory with modern business analysis tools.

A CSU Pueblo M.E.M. graduate is a practice-oriented professional who will bring to their organization innovative solutions to complex, ill-defined problems. Conscious of the fast-paced dynamics of the targeted industries, the M.E.M. is tailored to working professionals with technical undergraduate degrees (that required a calculus and physics sequence). The degree is offered fully online with the opportunity of doing a summer residential capstone where students, with the assistance of their instructors and peers, will focus on developing and implementing a project of their choice.

"The M.E.M. program is tailored to working professionals with technical undergraduate degrees. Upon graduation, you will become a practice-oriented professional who will bring to your organization innovative solutions to complex, ill-defined problems."

- Dr. Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia, MSISE Director

Degree Requirements

The M.E.M. is in accordance with the general requirements for master’s degrees as specified in the University’s Catalog. All students must have a calculus course sequence through the level of integral calculus or matrix algebra, a calculus-based probability and statistics course, and a college physics course. Students who have not had a calculus-based probability and statistics course nor a calculus-based physics course will be required to take leveling courses as part of their plan of study, in addition to the required 30 credit hours. All students are expected to communicate effectively both orally and in written documents.

Leveling courses on technical communication are available to those students not meeting those requirements, in addition to the required 30 credit hours.

Curricular Requirements

The online M.E.M. program consists of 10 courses, including the program capstone for a total of 30 credits. Students must maintain a cumulative of 3.00 GPA or better. Students must meet all University continuance requirements. Courses are offered in 8-week terms and a summer residential capstone option is available (4 weeks during the summer, at the CSU Pueblo campus, Mon-Sat, from 8 am – 5 pm).

Frequently Asked Questions


    How long are classes?

    Online M.E.M. classes are 8 weeks long and run twice per semester. This means you can start classes in August, October, January, March, April, and June.

    How long will the program take me to graduate?

    Students have the ability to graduate in as little as one year, depending on how many courses they take per term.

    What is the cost of the online M.E.M. program?

    The online M.E.M. program consists of 12 courses for a total of 36 credits. Each 3 credit course has a flat tuition rate of $1,725. The total tuition for the program (36 credits) is $20,700.

    How can this help me move up the General Schedule system?

    The US government uses coding systems to classify jobs and those systems vary by agency. However, the most common system is the General Schedule (GS). The GS assigns every job a grade level from 1 to 15, according to the minimum level of education and experience its workers need. Due to the broad scope of the Master of Engineering Management, it might provide professionals in the government sector with the education requirements for G-9 level (considering on the specifics job description).


    How does this M.E.M. degree program differ from a traditional MBA?

    While MBA programs focus mostly on leadership, business administration, finance, and marketing aspects, the Master of Engineering Management offered by CSU Pueblo will provide professionals with an emphasis on solving quantitative problems at the operational, tactical, and strategic level in technological and engineering projects thus preparing the student for a management position specifically in the technology or engineering fields. Professionals considering the M.E.M. program will most likely be involved in (or considering to join) engineering or technology-focused industries such as aerospace, information technology, defense, civil and environmental, pharmaceutical, government, etc.


    What is the application process?

    First, you'll need to complete our online application. Once all required documents are received, an admissions processor will begin reviewing your application. You should receive an admissions decision within two weeks of receipt of all required documents. For more information, contact the Online Enrollment Counselor by calling 719.549.2200.


    What are the scholarship and financial aid opportunities do I qualify for?

    You may be qualified for one or more scholarships offered by CSU Pueblo. You must have an updated FAFSA on file with Student Financial Services. Visit the CSU Pueblo Online Resources page for a list of current scholarship opportunities.

    For questions about Financial Aid, please contact Student Financial Services, which is open Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm. These services are available via phone at 719.549.2753 or email at, and they take walk-ins.


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